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FOR ASSESSMENT 360mc: Research for Power Artefact

When given the concept of power, my first initial instinct was to look at the word itself and the variety of meanings it can convey. With trying to define ‘Power’ … Continue reading

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My Showreel Ideas/Things To Include

– Footage from Three Artefects; Power, Spectacle and Memory – Other footage and photography including; fashion shoot, wedding I photographed in the summer, and also promo work from Shelley’s Salon … Continue reading

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Week 2: The Spectacle and Carnival 305mc

So what is Spectacle? spectacle ˈspɛktək(ə)l/ noun noun: spectacle; plural noun: spectacles 1. a visually striking performance or display. “the acrobatic feats make a good spectacle”   A spectacle can be … Continue reading

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Week 1: 305mc Shock and Awe Seminar

Along with 360mc, these lectures and seminars for the coming weeks have influence from the three components; Power, Spectacle and Memory. The topic we decided to discuss in our group … Continue reading

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