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Reflection on how my Flickr Page, Photographic Physical Portfolio and Business Cards have been beneficial?

With the development of all three parts to my overall portfolio, I have found each of them individually beneficial in different ways. I wanted to produce a number of different … Continue reading

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Final Reflection on ProPracPort and Conclusion

Final Reflection With the initial interest when starting this module, in finding jobs that included photography, after researching and developing my knowledge on a number of possible jobs I could … Continue reading

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The making of my Flickr Page/Portfolio and Business Cards

In the professional practice portfolio, it is required that we produce a portfolio that will assist us in future usage. I wanted to create a portfolio that I believed would … Continue reading

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List of 10 Contacts:

Nigel Baines – Freelancer Nigel works as a freelance photographer, mainly shooting both Weddings and other party events. I met him through working at Morrisons, as he used to work … Continue reading

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Primary and Secondary Research on Christenings

During the present month and last month, I have photographed a Christening and since been asked to photograph another. With researching the variety of different photography jobs available to me … Continue reading

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Secondary Research – Forensic Photography

One job that I came across when researching the different photography jobs that I could possess in the near future, was that of Forensic Photography. Forensic Photography can be either … Continue reading

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Secondary Research: Wedding Photographer

With this particular job, no matter what happens with the economy people will always be getting married. The job pays well also, and you have the freedom to pick and … Continue reading

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Primary Research and Interview with Senior Clinical Photographer Nick Loveitt

Having to provide both secondary and primary research for a job I am considering going into after University, I managed to arrange an interview/meeting with the Medical Photography department at … Continue reading

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Secondary/Part Primary Research: Fashion Photographer

Fashion photography is used on such a wide spectrum. In order to be a fashion photographer you firstly need the obvious interest in the fashion industry and an initial idea … Continue reading

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Secondary Research: Job of a Clinical Photographer

A Clinical/Medical photographer works solely in the Medical Photography department in a hospital. As part of the healthcare team, they work closely with a number of people in the hospital … Continue reading

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