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Evaluation of Exhibition

One of the main aspirations I had from the beginning stages of my FMP, was to be able to plan and hold my own exhibition of the work I produce. … Continue reading

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Analysis of my Exhibition Piece

When observing and analysing the overall concept of my final media project, there are many noteworthy areas in which I can analyse. When I first chose the concept of my … Continue reading

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Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

EPK Powerpoint 1. 100 word synopsis The concept of this project is based upon the discovery found from talking to a number of different people, both religious and non-religious. Discovering … Continue reading

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Runthrough/Set up of Exhibition

Prior to the exhibition I set up a run through of setting up the piece and all the equipment that was included. This was to assist and prepare me, as … Continue reading

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Postponed Exhibition

Originally I have planned since submitting my AV Proposal, that my exhibition would be held on the 26th of April. I had took all the necessary precautions prior to this … Continue reading

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Development on Photoshop skills and Rough Edit…

During my second year in University I undertook an Add+Vantage in Adobe Photoshop, and since then I have been learning and improving on my skills with the software. Seen as … Continue reading

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References   Quinstreet Enterprise. (2014). Event Management. Available: Last accessed 29th March 2014.   Shone, A and Parry, B (2010). Successful Event Management. 3rd ed. UK: Brendan George. 3. … Continue reading

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My Exhibition Schedule

Event Project Schedule My exhibition is held on two dates; 25th of April is the opening night and the 26th throughout the day. This unfortunately changed due to technical difficulties … Continue reading

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My Finalised Budget List

Budget Plan and Expenditure When demising a budget/expenditure plan for this particular project, with it being a personal event, I knew the budget would be depicted from two main sources; … Continue reading

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My Market Plan and Project Plan

Marketing Plan The development of a market plan determines who is the target market of your event, through market research that is then identified through methods on how to publicise … Continue reading

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