The beginning of my Photography domain.

Reflection on how my Flickr Page, Photographic Physical Portfolio and Business Cards have been beneficial?

With the development of all three parts to my overall portfolio, I have found each of them individually beneficial in different ways. I wanted to produce a number of different platforms that shaped my overall portfolio, as I knew I would be applying for an array of jobs and not just one would be able to specify to all that I would consider applying for.

With reference to both my Flickr account and my Photographic Physical Portfolio, these worked in tow with each other as they displayed my photography work. My Flickr page is virtual, so this is useful when I have recently been in contact with industry professionals and asking them to look at my work as I am able to just simply send them a link. My Flickr account is one that I aspire to add to and continue to use after I finish University, being that I can upload new projects I work on, so I can keep it updated.

Taking into consideration the use of my Photographic Physical Portfolio, this is used more so when I am showing clients in person. Again this is something that I will continue to use in future preference, as it will enable possible clients I go to speak to, to be able to see an example of my work. Also by bringing it to meetings shows my professionalism as I am ready to show them examples of my work, so they have an idea of what I can produce and we can discuss the look they are going for. This we differ on account of occasion, whether is be a ‘fashion’ shoot, portrait shots or even an event such as a Birthday or Wedding.

I did a mock up of some business cards. This is something I will improve on and consider more if I was to embark on more freelance work in the future. For this process of making my professional practice portfolio, they have porven to be slightly beneficial already as they have already acquired me a paid job in the coming weeks. I recently took photographs at a family friends christening, to where I took my business cards even if it was just by chance that they were in my bag. During the christening after I’d took all the formal photographs, I was approached by a gentleman who asked me if I would take photographs at his daughters Christening. To which I replied yes, due to the experience and he also said he would pay me, which was a bonus.

Lastly, as I have previously said above I wanted to make sure with my professional practice portfolio that I covered all bases necessary for the different jobs I would possibly apply for. So I took it upon myself to update and re-do my C.V. Given that I am now close to finishing University, with my time here I have gained more experience, knowledge and skills. So I wanted to make sure that me C.V was up to date and ready for use, as I now will be applying for jobs.

Finalised C.V for end of Uni

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This entry was posted on May 7, 2014 by in Professional Practice Portfolio.
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