The beginning of my Photography domain.

Final Reflection on ProPracPort and Conclusion

Final Reflection

With the initial interest when starting this module, in finding jobs that included photography, after researching and developing my knowledge on a number of possible jobs I could find I now feel I have a much clearer idea on what I want to do within my future career.

I wanted to make sure I had a clear view on all the roles I could take, which is why I looked at and researched a number of different photography posts. As from the beginning of this module I was unsure on what particular job I wanted, so I wanted to make sure I covered all bases and possibilities.

After much research and deliberation with looking at each of the jobs I found that could include photography, the job I most wanted to progress in an have the possibility of grasping was the job of a Medical Photographer. This job was covered more, in likes to the others, as I researched it both secondary and primary. I am now in contact with the Senior Medical Photographer at Coventry University Hospital and since meeting him I have applied for a post as a Trainee Medical Photographer and am continuing to look for other possible job prospects in that field.

From conducting both secondary and primary research on this job, I feel I now have the knowledge on how I would gain this position in the coming years, from this point on where I am now to a year from now and to a further five years from now.

I know that I need a qualification in a photography based subject at degree level, which in a few months time I will hopefully possess with the finalising of my degree in Media Production.

A year from now if I was to acquire a job as a Trainee Medical Photographer I would have done a years worth of experience working alongside the Senior Medical Photographer. This year would entail the learning and observation of what is required on a daily basis, on the technical side of things to the care and consideration of patients you work with.

Looking forward five years in this job, I would then have a post graduate certificate in clinical photography and have at least 2-3 years of experience on the job with patients.


In conclusion I have indeed found this module beneficial, especially in the time period at where it has been set. Being that it is one of the final modules I have for taken in University, it has prepared me for when I finish. I knew that next step to take after finishing my degree would be to look for jobs, and this module has helped this process. Carrying out research on the possible job posts I could take in the near future, has given me the knowledge on what I would need in each job when it comes to requirements and skills for them all on an individual basis.

Having this primary knowledge will be proven highly beneficial when it comes to applying and attending interviews in the near future, as I have gained knowledge on each of the job prospects I am considering though the process of this module.

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