The beginning of my Photography domain.

Evaluation of Exhibition

One of the main aspirations I had from the beginning stages of my FMP, was to be able to plan and hold my own exhibition of the work I produce. Reason being for the sheer fact of it being an individual accomplishment, that I was able to both produce a well thought out piece along with be able to cope with the organisation needed to pull off the exhibit.

With the complication of me not being able to hold it in the original space I had acquired from Coventry Artspace, I had to use my initiative in the space I was eventually given. With it being 3 times the size of the last space, and that my piece was relatively small, I needed to think solely on my feet as to how I would accommodate it. I decided to section of the room, I did this with the use of photographic stands and black sheets. This worked in my favour as it didn’t steer away from the effect of the piece as I thought it would. None of the spectators commented on to why I had these stands up, they were concentrating on the piece itself, which was good.

This is one change that I would make on my exhibition day, that I would of held in in the space I had initially asked for. Due to a number of problems, the space I ended up holding it in was a last resort, as I wanted to make sure I made the accomplishment of holding my own exhibition before I finished University. This also effected the amount of traffic being that the space wasn’t as central as the last, so not as many people came in as I originally expected.

When evaluating the installation piece itself, I can safely say I am very happy with it’s end outcome. It proved beneficial then many months ago in me making a mock up of the piece prior to the larger scale version in many ways. The only adjustment I would make on the piece itself would be the size in which the holographic rear projection paper came. Reason being as it was a tad too small to fit the scale of the Perspex, and with me being the perfectionist that I am, the gap it had I felt looked a bit untidy. This by all means did not steer away from the overall effect of the photographs.

It seemed to get a good response from the audience and all the viewers who came in to the exhibition. It implied to reach out to people, with the concept as the asked questions and were responsive to my answers and interactive with the flyers I had made. The flyers were extremely useful in the explaining of each of the shadows, as they gave a brief overview of each, so that the viewer knew what they were observing in the installation piece.

In my opinion the overall outcome of my exhibition was a successful one. I think I was able to create that particular environment that I wanted, and the concept was understood and grasped by my audience. It has been an individual achievement of mine, as in the beginning stages I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew, but with the careful consideration of each aspect from the production side to the organising of the space I feel I have done exceedingly well.

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