The beginning of my Photography domain.

The making of my Flickr Page/Portfolio and Business Cards

In the professional practice portfolio, it is required that we produce a portfolio that will assist us in future usage. I wanted to create a portfolio that I believed would best be applied in future job prospects and one that I could use in interviews and that would showcase and ‘get’ work as best it can.

I decided to bas my portfolio on not one but 3 platforms; a Flickr page, a photography portfolio folder, and business cards. I know that for my future career, I want it to contain photography in some form or another. So for my ‘portfolio’ I wanted to make sure I covered all bases as within my secondary research I discovered there were man more photography jobs available than I thought, so I wanted to make sure my personal portfolio would appeal to as many as it could possible.

My Flickr Page

I have many social websites including; Facebook, twitter and so on, all of which contain photographs but not where I would put my professional ones. I wanted to have a website that I could formally use for this. Others on my course have created a website, but I feel that if I was to conduct a website it wouldn’t be used in future preference. So I decided to make a Flickr, I have never had one before so this worked to my advantage as I could solely use the one I make for my professional photography.

Since creating my Flickr page, I have uploaded many photographs from previous projects and other sources. I have included a fashion shoot, to which I photographed last year as part of my professional experience. This shoot gave me a real sense of fashion photography, and the way chosen surrounding highlighted and portrayed the clothes the models was wearing, so it was important to take every aspect on board. This was my first (professional) photoshoot, to which required me to use photoshop to edit my photographs. All the clothes wear bright, but I enhanced that during the editing process to make the stand out even more. This particular look is taken on by Tayfun CETINKAYA, on his fashion shoot entitled 2wins. Although the scenery in the photographs is bright in comparison, the clothes on the model seem sustainably brighter, and for me as the viewer you really notice the colour of the garments and they almost pop in the photograph.


This was the look I was trying to capture within my work, as with fashion photography, it’s a form of advertising. The point of the photos is to promote and sell the clothes, so the imagery needs to be striking and pleasing for the viewer in order to make a sale.

Contrasting to the fashion shoot photographs, are the images I took when on set of a previous students short film, which were used as the production film stills. These were in complete opposite, as they were relatively dark images, being that the colours of black, red and orange tones fit with the films look. This shows a different element to my work as the colours of the two are both contrasting. With the film stills as I’ve commented were dark images, I decided to include them on my Flickr as they show the diversity in my work and that I am not just transfixed into one way of photographing.

This is also apparent in other photographs I have uploaded, as the withhold a completely different approach to working in photography also. I have also photographed events including a Wedding and a Christening, which fall on a different spectrum all together.

I wanted my Flickr to showcase the diversity in my work, that I have the ability to cover many ways of photography and I am not just specified in one particular field.  Being that I know I want to work in the job of a Medical Photographer, I still would love to be able to construct other photograph opportunities along the way of a full time job. So, being able to do events such as Weddings or Christenings and the occasional shoot I would hope would be a possibility. In order for this to take place, or even happen for that matter I would need to be prepared, so this is why I have included all my forms of work within my Flickr, so if I was to show it to someone who required me to take photographs I could show them my work in whatever they wanted me to do.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 15.24.11


I have recently asked a photographer named Brett Heathcote to look at my Flickr Page and give me some form of feedback/criticism on my work. I feel it is of importance that I would do this and in future preference, so I can make contact with fellow photographers and gain insight on their work as well as feedback on my own work. This will enable me to improve as a professional from hearing from others, as they have more of a knowledge of the industry in whatever field they work in and there is always room for improvement in an part of my work as I want it to be the best it can be.

My Photography Portfolio Folder

The reasons I have expressed above, hold similar meaning behind the reasoning of my producing a photography portfolio folder. This is something that has been used for many years within this industry, as it’s almost like taking a C.V or show reel of your work to potential employers. Although with the heights on today’s technology, this method of approach is probably not one that is used as much. But I’m an old fashioned methodist, and I thought it’s a great way to be able to showcase my work to potential clients. Some photographs in my opinion and I’m sure in others, you do not see them to their full potential until they are printed. So for the purpose of creating my portfolio for this module and also for my own benefit I wanted to print some of my work so I could see it in print form. This process will also determine the quality of my photographs, and might depict ways in which I could improve them in future so when printed they come out as well as they do when looking at them on a screen.

1 2 3

My Business Cards

Lastly I wanted to produce some form of business cards, to gear towards the benefit of them being used to acquire on the side jobs such as Weddings, etc. This has already proven a beneficial turn, as I have been asked to photography a Christening in the middle of May, which will also be my first paid gig.

I wanted to keep them as simple as possible, when it came to the font used and the overall layout being that I felt in looked more professional in a sense as they weren’t to cluttered.

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