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Runthrough/Set up of Exhibition

Prior to the exhibition I set up a run through of setting up the piece and all the equipment that was included. This was to assist and prepare me, as I needed to have an idea on the amount of space I would need and determine where everything would need to go. The purpose of this exercise was mainly so I knew how the projectors worked, so when I was setting them up on the day I knew what I was doing. I had help with this from one of the Universities technicians Craig, he showed me all the things I would need to know in order to set up the projectors and it turned out to be simpler than I thought.

(add measurements pic)

Doing a run through before hand was really beneficial, as it also gave me confidence in setting it up at the actual exhibition, with knowing what I was doing with each element that was included.

The first date of the exhibition was cancelled due to electrical difficulties at the space I had booked. So it was now due to be held the week after in another space.

The day before the exhibition was due to take place I had all the equipment booked out ready, as I wanted to set up some of the piece the night before so I didn’t have to do much in the morning before I opened. So the night before I put together all three of the plinths which held the projectors and the piece itself.

In the morning just a few hours before the exhibition I had the set up all the projectors on top of each plinth and line them up to the measurements I had worked out previously. I then keystone each projector so it would fit on to the same size of the holographic rear projection paper that I had previously stuck to each of the Perspex on the piece itself. The next step was to set up all the electrics and make sure all the wires were in the correct position running from each projector into my VGA splitter which then reached my laptop as this was what would be playing the imagery.

One problem that occurred during this process was that my laptop didn’t have the correct software to play my video, but with the help of Charley Deakin who downloaded VLC and thankfully this worked. All the projectors were then turned on, to which I then had to focus and make sure they were all consistent in size. I wouldn’t have been able to do this on my own, and I was grateful enough to have the help again from Charley Deakin and Loz Douglas, who also helped me set up the stands in order to section off the room.

I was meant to open/start the exhibition at 10am, but due to the complication of the video not playing and having to sort that out I opened slightly late at the time of 10:30am, which I didn’t think was too bad.

So from then the exhibition was open!

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