The beginning of my Photography domain.

List of 10 Contacts:

Nigel Baines – Freelancer

Nigel works as a freelance photographer, mainly shooting both Weddings and other party events. I met him through working at Morrisons, as he used to work as the G4S security guard there and we discovered that we both had the hobbie of Photography. Nigel is someone who I’d aspire to work like in the near future, as he carried the work of a full-time job but also made time for his passion for photography in doing freelance work on Weddings and such.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.21.04

Nigel assisted me in the printing of my photographs I wanted to use within my photographic physical portfolio. So by doing this he looked at my work that I had been doing over the past three years whilst studying for my degree.

Nigels comments:

‘I think you have an eye for capturing a photograph.  I like that you don’t just take photographs on one particular style, you have experimented with many types. I particularly like the Wedding Photography you have done, as that is something I have done on a regular basis, so I can relate to that. If I was to suggest one thing though, I would say to be more experimental if you do another Wedding. Take some more less formal ones, as these are more meaningful in my opinion. Don’t be afraid to try new things.’

Although I didn’t get a mass of thoughts from Nigel from my work, I felt inspired by his last comment. As I do love to experiment with different things, and don’t just want to concentrate on one niche of photography.

Brett Heathcote – Photographer

I was introduced to Brett Heathcote by my Personel Manager at my part time job Dean Ilett as they have been friends for years. Brett is a photographer, and from observing his work on the number of social networks and websites he has he takes an array of both street, fashion and portrait photography. From looking at Brett’s work I was intrigued on how he got into the industry and what jobs he does weekly. I also have become fond of his work, being that he takes a lot of portrait photography, which is an aspects of work I like doing. Also the colours he has in his work, they ‘pop’ in the photograph, which make them more aesthetically pleasing to look at, something I have been and am currently experimenting with.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.36.10 Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.36.31

Since being introduced to Brett, I have followed him on twitter so I can keep up with his work and get a real sense of what an industry professional does day to day. I have also been sending emails, asking him to look at the work I have of my own photography on my Flickr page, so I can get some feedback from him on my work.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.45.02Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.44.12Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.43.56Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.43.42

Nick Loveitt – Senior Medical Photographer

Nick Loveitt is the Senior Medical Photographer at the Coventry University Hospital. I interviewed him as part of my Primary research for this module, in order to get more knowledge on the job of a trainee medical photographer as this is a job I aspire to have after I finish University. Since first meeting with Nick, he informed me of an up and coming job at the Hospital as a trainee medical photographer and he told me to apply. I since have applied, am am waiting fro some feedback.

Having Nick as a contact, even if I don’t get the job above is beneficial. As I can keep in contact with him to see if he knows of any other jobs under the same field as the post for a trainee medical photographer, even if it’s not in the hospital he works in in Coventry. With applying for the job at hand, I have had to set up an NHS account, as this is where these jobs will be posted. So this will enable me to receive up and coming job opportunities in the field I aspire to work in, which is medical photography whether is be in the close or near future.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 12.18.14

Sian Conway – Roots Gallery

Sian is a director of events at the roots gallery. She was my first protocol when I started the beginning process of organising my solo exhibition. I found her contact information at the old roots gallery building just a walk up from the University. From this point Sian informed me that they no longer had the space I wanted, and that I would have to go through the means of another organisation in order to allocate a space for my exhibition. This was through Coventry Artspace.

Sian is also someone who expressed interest in my project, and even said that she wants to come and see it when it’s completed. So I will be inviting her to the degree show.

Laura Elliott – Coventry Artspace

Laura Elliott works at Coventry Artspace as the director since 2009. After I had a meeting with her and discussed the concept of my piece, she gave me a list of spaces that she thought would fit the piece. To which I eventually got one booked in for the date of my exhibition on the 26th of April.

If I was to organise another exhibition in future preference, I would use Laura and liaison with her on finding a space. As Coventry Artspace have many available spaces around Coventry. This is also to be said in my next contact;

Kiran Kier – Coventry City Council

Kiran works at the Coventry City Council. She is the person who, for when I chose the exhibition space I wanted, that I needed to acquire the keys off. Being that there were complications at the space I originally had picked out, Kiran organised and offered me another space due to the inconvenience.  Although the size of it was much bugger than the one I had previously specified, I made it work in the end by sectioning it off.

Now I know of both Laura and Kiran, again in future preference I could gain contact with them if I required a space for future work I wanted to showcase.

Anthony Laming – Music Producer

I have been introduced to Anthony through my boyfiend, as Anthony is his Uncle. Anthony is a music producer, and he works alongside his friend who together work on a number of collaborations and are recently working on an album. I thought I’d use this to my advantage with my FMP, as I thought that even if  decided to not use music having the possibility of it would be better than to not have it at all.

I first sent him a text giving him a brief explanation as to what I wanted it to sound like..

Right ok, I’ll kind of pitch my project to you briefly so you have a sense of a feel I want the music to bring. It’s based around the concept of death and the beliefs and opinions people have whether withholding a religious belief or not have on what happens to them when they pass. It’s an installation piece accompanied by photography/portrait of people with the use of shadows used to represent these beliefs individuals have on this subject. So…music I think needs to be just a lyrically piece (no words) something that suite subtle that just creates an understanding mood when people come and see these photographs, relaxing and welcoming? What do you think?

We then discussed more, and he got to work. We kept in contact throughout the process, but regrettably due to complications with the studio he works in I didn’t have music in the end. Although I was a bit disappointed, I feel that with doing the run through of the exhibition I felt it worked without sound as it made the audience concentrate more on the imagery.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 14.33.15 Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 14.33.33 Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 14.33.50 Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 14.34.00

Sarah Conlon – Media Enquiries at Coventry University Hospital

Sarah is who I first came into contact with when I was organising the interview with the Senior Medical Photographer Nick Loveitt. She was very helpful through this process, and being that it’s a field in which I would like to possess a job in, I feel I will use in the future.

Holly Harvey – Make-Up Artist

I was introduced to Holly by one of the models I used to photograph for my FMP. I have never worked with a make-up artist on a project before, but would love to do some portrait work in the near future. This will also benefit me as I will be able to add them to both my Flickr page and my photographic physical portfolio.

Leanne Holder and D.J – Models

Leanne and D.J are both students, that in their spare like to do a variety of modeling jobs. I used them as two of my subjects in my FMP, and they expressed interest in working with me again in future projects.

Even though I don’t consider this a contact, I was really pleased to find out that some of my work that I photographed last year is being used in a website/blog. I see this as an achievement, as my work is being used other than by myself.


  • Poster created on Adobe Photoshop to advertise upcycled  knitted garments for a local store designed and made by me. Photographer: Chelsea Ballaam. Model: Emily Horler.
  • Poster created on Adobe Photoshop to advertise upcycled knitted garments for a local store designed and made by me. Photographer: Chelsea Ballaam. Model: Emily Horler.
  • Poster created on Adobe Photoshop to advertise upcycled knitted garments for a local store designed and made by me. Photographer: Brett Sayer. Model: Emily Horler.


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