The beginning of my Photography domain.

Postponed Exhibition

Originally I have planned since submitting my AV Proposal, that my exhibition would be held on the 26th of April. I had took all the necessary precautions prior to this date, and everything that could have been organised was. I had earlier on it the week done a mock up run through of setting up all the equipment, including; the exhibitions main piece, to the plinth and the projectors. Measurements were clear on to how everything would be placed in the space I had allocated for the date I had originally set.

Unfortunately due to electrical faults at the space I had booked through the means of Coventry Artspace and Coventry City Council, my exhibition was cancelled. To my advantage I spoke to Kiran, who was meeting me to give me the keys and she said that the space I wanted would definitely be ready for the weekend after. She even offered me an alternative space, but after viewing it I knew it wasn’t right to showcase my piece being that it was too large in size.

So, I took the chance of rearranging the exhibition to the week after, which will be the 2nd of May, a Friday.

I will use this set back to my upmost advantage. Being that the week leading up to my exhibition, it was a yes and no on happening on different days, so I was always unsure as to whether it would go forward. Now I have an extra week leading up to my exhibition, I have the chance to do more distribution leading up to the event. It will enable me to get it more recognised and known by the public and I already have a way of doing so in mind.

1. Make a Facebook page

I have made an event on Facebook, and invited the majority of my contact list. This will help spread the word of my exhibition date, as my friends on the social network will help in sharing it and making it become more noticeable.

2. Make and put up posters

I will make posters, highlighting the concept and overall look my exhibition withholds. Given people a sense of what it is all about and hopefully get them to come and see it. I will put them up around the Ellen Terry Building and possibly other parts of the Uni for them to be seen.

3. Make Leaflets

This aspect is more so in consideration to the day of the event. I thought as I was editing my final photographs for the piece, that I wanted the audience to be able to know and have an idea of what each and every shadow meant and represented in the photograph projected on the screen. The leaflet will also give an overview of the original concept of the piece, with it meaning and reason as to why I choose it as the subject for my FMP.

I hope I made the right decision in holding my exhibition a week later that it should have been, given the circumstances I had little to no choice. It has had its advantages to it being postponed, and I didn’t want it to be of the chart completely, as I have planned it for months and put all the work in leading up to it. It’s a chance for me as the producer of my own individual project to ‘show it off’.



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