The beginning of my Photography domain.

Development on Photoshop skills and Rough Edit…

During my second year in University I undertook an Add+Vantage in Adobe Photoshop, and since then I have been learning and improving on my skills with the software. Seen as I was producing an FMP that include photographs projected on an installation piece, I wanted to make sure they were to the best quality they could be.

I firstly was only going to be using the likes of Photoshop to improve on aspects such as; the brightness/contrast and saturation and get rid of the blemishes from each person I photographed. This element changed during the production phase, as when I conducted my test shoot I realised I wasn’t able to cast the shadows on the subjects first hand and that this would have to be done during editing.

So, I had 10 photographs from each of the 11 people with the combination of 11 shadows that I had to work with, so in total I had 110 photographs to edit in total. (that’s a lot of editing)

Each person was different to edit, I firstly concentrated on the placement of the shadows on each subject and safe to say this aspect was the most time consuming. Being that one persons shadow would need to be cast over both their face and their shoulders, so this required me to create 2 layers of the shadow and erase the other half that was cast on either the face or the shoulders, dependent on what half of the shadow it was.

This is made example of in D.Js photograph, where I had to make two layers and basically half the bird.


With halving the image of the shadow and it being cast upon the subjects face and shoulders, this required me to change the opacity of both the halves. With the image representing a shadow I felt the half with the higher opacity would be the face, as if it was taken whilst shooting it would be closer to the object that’s caused the shadow.

Also when applying the shadow to each of the subjects, I made sure the image of the shadow fit their face. For instance, I didn’t want it to look like I had just stuck it on and look like a flat image. So I used a variety of options in order to make this work such as; scale the image, distort the image and warp the image. All three were used in different ways, as some were needed more than others, dependent on what persons photograph I was editing at the given time.

After I was happy with all of the shadows on the subjects and had erased all unwanted parts of the shadow, I moved on to the next stage of editing. This stage included a number of aspects that I needed to cover such as; cropping each image, detecting and erasing any blemishes, and choosing a suitable brightness/contrast along with vibrance and saturation so each image carried the same tone and colouring as they were all shoot in a number of different locations. This process was different for each subject on account of the number of blemishes they had.

When I had finished editing all my photographs and was satisfied on how they each looked, I put them into Final Cut Pro. Reason for this was to create a sort of slide show of the photographs, to which each subject with the 10 photographs that started from them facing forward to turning to a profile shot, they had to each be placed in the right order. The effect I wanted to create was a slight ‘robotic’ turn when they played in order, so the shadow on their face as it was moving would move with them. I placed each photograph into final cut in the correct order of preference and had them each at a duration of 5 seconds, this made them turn at a slow pace so that each photograph when observed by the public was able to be looked at for a significant amount of time.

I feel that from the editing process for my FMP was the stage that was the most time consuming. But I feel that from having to adapt and learn a new way of editing in Photoshop with what I wanted to create in my photographs, I have developed as a professional. I have learnt many new skills within the software, and I feel that the end product of my piece shows my development and skill when compared to past projects. I definitely feel that photography is my niche, more so that film making. I enjoy the photography editing process more so, as that I am better at it. I have never been one to be a good editor when it came to film, but with the progress I have made during the time of producing my FMP I feel I have improved in the software that is Photoshop. Also these skills are ones that I will carry forth into my future, as I will be embarking on them again.

IMG_7122  image1Connie1

Beginning Photograph of Subject.       Casting shadow on to subject               Cropping Photographs

and changing the opacity along           Setting tones and colour;

with; scaling, distorting and              Brightness/Contrast and

warping the image                          Vibrance/Saturation

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