The beginning of my Photography domain.

Secondary Research: Wedding Photographer

With this particular job, no matter what happens with the economy people will always be getting married. The job pays well also, and you have the freedom to pick and choose when you want to work. Also with the job of a wedding photographer there are plenty of opportunities networking, you could work alongside other professionals that are required at weddings such as, musicians, wedding planners and others.

I have previous wedding photography experience, only one wedding though. I did the photographs for Shelley and Martin’s Wedding in June last year, to which I also put together a short video piece of the day for them.

This was a project I fortook for my professional experience in my Second year of Media Production. It was my first professional job as a photographer, so prior to the Wedding day I made sure I was planned and prepared in every aspect.

I undertook research on Weddings, such as who would be in what photo in consideration to the formal photos with the bridal party and the groomsmen and so forth.

I needed to have a clear idea of what order I would take the photographs in, in order to make the process organised. I demised a checklist of all the relevant photographs I would need to take for this wedding, on account of both of the families.

Formal family photos: Suggested group checklist

  • Bride, Groom with Bride’s Father
  • Bride, Groom with Bride’s Father & Siblings
  • Bride, Groom with Bride’s Father & Siblings & Siblings partners
  • Bride, Groom with Bride’s Father & Siblings & Extended Family
  • Bride, Groom  with Groom’s Parents
  • Bride, Groom with Groom’s Parents & Siblings
  • Bride, Groom with Groom’s Parents & Siblings & Siblings Partners
  • Bride, Groom with  Groom’s Parents & Siblings & Extended Family
  • Bride, Groom & both their Immediate Family
  • Bride, Groom with Children

Bride and Family

  • Bride With Dad
  • Bride With Siblings
  • Bride With Bridesmaids
  • Bride With Children

Groom and Family

  • Groom with Mum
  • Groom with Dad
  • Groom with Parents
  • Groom with Siblings
  • Groom With Best Man
  • Groom With Sons

I am also going to do a variety of ‘informal’ photographs during the ceremory and the evening do and the lead up to the ceremony/bride getting ready.

  • Bride getting ready/hair and make-up/dress.
  • Bridesmaids getting ready
  • Getting the bridal party into the cars
  • The Church/Entrance/cars arriving
  • Groom awaiting his bride at the alter
  • Guests waiting
  • Bride walking down the aisle
  • Saying their vows
  • Confetti
  • Beginning of Evening do
  • First Dance
  • Evening Meal/all the guests
  • Disco
  • Guests leaving.

There will be some parts that I have missed out, but I’m sure I will pick up on some more and add them overtime before the big day.

Prior to the Wedding day I also took it upon myself to go to the locations of both the Wedding Ceremony at the Church and the Wedding Reception. Reason for this is so that I had a clear idea of the locations for the day, so I could be prepared on where to take the formal photos and where it would be acceptable for me to be.

The job of  Wedding Photographer is one I would consider. I thoroughly enjoyed photographing the Wedding day above and would love to have the opportunity to do more Weddings. I feel as if I was to consider doing Wedding photography, it would be as an on the side job, alongside a salary paid job. This being because it could vary on Wedding Jobs, one month I could have a lot of work, and the other not so much, so the money wouldn’t be regular.

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