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My Exhibition Schedule

Event Project Schedule

My exhibition is held on two dates; 25th of April is the opening night and the 26th throughout the day. This unfortunately changed due to technical difficulties and was held at a later date of May the 2nd.

Being the producer of the project initially, the concept and the organiser, I will be sole distributer in all of the events key decisions. Essential decisions that will be made in a time sequential order from the point of first consideration to being executed. I have produced a Critical Path Analysis (CPA) that documents who I have made responsible for the different functions within the event on both days. It also indicates when each aspect will occur and its duration.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 19.32.25 Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 19.26.04

‘Critical Path Analysis can be defined as the logical sequencing of a series of events necessary for a successful research project.’

By using a CPA to determine the order of my event, has provided efficiency, as it dictates a time-based schedule. One I can stick to on the days of the event and I’ll be in control of each aspect.

(Adapted from my work I produced for my Add+Vantage module in Events Management: All relevant in the planning of my exhibition)

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