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My Market Plan and Project Plan

Marketing Plan

The development of a market plan determines who is the target market of your event, through market research that is then identified through methods on how to publicise the event itself. The potential target market for the exhibition event is mainly put forth towards the general public, both male and female ranging in the age from 18 and above. As it’s a very universal project in cohesion with it’s overall concept and meaning, it can relate to each individual. Ones whom withhold a belief or opinion to the question the project is answering, ‘Is It A Beginning, Or An End?’ If it were to appeal to a more specialised interest group, this would consist of people who hold an interest in; photography, art and installations.

In identifying methods in how to publicise my event, I must analyse the marketing mix.

‘ Public Relations (PR) is the way organisations, companies and individuals communicate with the public and media.’

I will make phone calls, send emails and invites on Facebook to allow acknowledgement of certain people I personally want to invite, this shows great creditability. Through the means of public relations I have chosen to publicise my event through the likes of a combination of; invitations, flyers/posters and physical advertising.

These ways will provide influence for possible people to attend my exhibition event, as they will increase awareness and get the public talking about it.

Whilst handing out leaflets/flyers this puts me at an advantage in being direct with the target market. As it shows dedication to the event and gives them a sense of relativity, as I have an interest in the projects promotion, place, product and service.

I foresee three of its components. Price is outlawed in this event, as it’s a free exhibit to observe by the general public (no admin fees)

Project Plan

In terms of the project at hand being my very own exhibition of my degree work it is of importance that I plan its framework entirely.

‘A project plan is a formal document designed to guide the control and execution of a project.’

A both effective and efficient plan is key towards the success of your overall project as it determines the projects execution of events that will occur.

Also in relation to a projects purpose and objectives is its scope.

‘The scope of the event is dependent on available resources.’

(van der Wagen,L:2010;27)

Three resources will be dependable on three aspects being; human resources, physical resources and financial resources. All of which accommodate the scope of the event then encompasses the; date, time, duration and size which all frame the projects objective.

With reference to my event, all factors that revolve around scope and the triple constraint are relevant. All three attributes must be handled effectively in order for success of the event and closure of the overall project.

Time – This indicates how long it will take to produce the delivery of the event. My exhibition has been in planning for several months, as there are occurring elements that would play a part in its scope.

Quality – Quality of the work, I will need to have created something worth for my target audience to spectate. Quality is of importance, particularly for the event being an exhibition, people want to see quality and that require time and…

Cost – The amount of money required to complete the project, all parts of it will be in some way cost effective.

All of the 3 components in fig  play part and parcel with each other, if one weren’t accounted for the scope of the event would be affected.

There is also the use of a Gantt Chart.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 18.42.38

Gantt charts are very affective in use of the early days of planning an event. Charles Gantt developed it in 1917, it’s beneficial as it allows you to see each individual tasks duration from start to the end of completion.

(Adapted from my work I produced for my Add+Vantage module in Events Management: All relevant in the planning of my exhibition)

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