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My Finalised Budget List

Budget Plan and Expenditure

When demising a budget/expenditure plan for this particular project, with it being a personal event, I knew the budget would be depicted from two main sources; the Coventry Media Loan Shop and myself.

Budgeting is an ongoing process throughout your event planning, as dependent on a combination of; identifying, gathering and summarising all the correct materials needed pre and post event.

There’s also the aspect of the variation of prices, as they could differ from the point of finding to the point of buying. The expenditure is the conclusive price list of what has been spent, where it was bought and for how much. I am fortunate that a high percentage of the equipment/materials were made available to me buy the Media Loan Shop.

  Own Expense Courtesy of Media Loan Shop
What it is? Where it’s from? Cost? What it is? Where it’s from? Cost?
Equipment for Shoot Backdrop(Black) Amazon £14.99 BackdropStand ^^ n/a
Black Card The Works £1.98 Canon 5D ^^ n/a
Tripod ^^
ProlincaLights ^^ n/a
ProlincaStand and


^^ n/a
‘A’ Clamps(4) ^^ n/a
Exhibition Piece Wood x3(4ft by 2ft) Jacksons  



Data Projector Collection x3 ^^ n/a
Perspex x3(2ft by 2ft) Jacksons Tables/Stands for projectors ^^ n/a
Hinges x6 Jacksons Canon 5D ^^ n/a
Screws x18 Jacksons
Holographic Rear Projection Sheet x3(2ft by 2ft) Ebay £45.00
VGA Splitter Ebay £19.99

There is other way in finding the resources needed.

‘Sponsorship is a business relationship between a provider of funds, resources or services and an individual, event or organisation which offers in return some rights and association that may be used for commercial advantage.’ (van der Wagen,L:2010;108)

Being that this event is of a small scale, sponsorship is considered to be a risk. I feel this isn’t needed for my exhibition as I have found other methods of fundraising that will attract my audience.

(Adapted from my work I produced for my Add+Vantage module in Events Management: All relevant in the planning of my exhibition)

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