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Evaluation and Reflection on all Shooting Days

Shooting Day 1: T.V Studio – Leanne, D.J, Quade and Tara

The first day of shooting, I was feeling a slight bit apprehensive along with excitement and a little nervous. Being that this was the first of my four shoots that would base the overall look of my FMP and exhibition as these photographs would be included in the piece, they will be the focus.

From conducting a test shoot days prior to this shoot, made me realise that I was unable to cast the shadows onto the subjects face I was photographing. This then required me to think outside the box, into how I would then cast the shadows needed onto the persons face. With still learning the skills on Photoshop, I thought I would use this to my advantage and even brush up on my techniques and skills of the software for the project.

The first day of shooting went exceptionally well, being that I figured out the problems with the shadows, I didn’t now need to spend time during the shoots trying to cast the shadows onto the subjects face that I was photographing at the time. So now throughout the course on all the shoots I had planned over the next week, it would now just consist of setting up the equipment and then taking 11 shots of each person in a mid close up frame. For shooting day 1, I felt went exceptionally well. I met two knew people, Leanne and D.J and gained a contact of a make up artist they knew, and even suggested working together in the near future. One set back on the day was that one of my models, Quade turned up with a black eye. To make it look less significant and easier to edit, I shoot his photographs much lighter than the rest. As this would then dim out the blackness of the eye, which I would then remove in photoshop, then just saturate the image to match the rest of the peoples photographs.

Overall a successful first day.

Shooting Day 2: House Shoot – Louise and Molly

I felt more comfortable on this shoot, as I had the previous experience with the first one. This shoot was at the 2 participants house, to which I had been to before so I felt comfortable and less nervous as I did on the first shoot. The only difficult aspect I found with this shoot is that I was photography a child of 7, so it would be harder for me to direct and tell them what to do. Molly however was beyond what I thought she would be, she listened very well to instruction and I was happy with the end result of both hers and Louise’s photographers. I had to work in a smaller space than the day before, but all went smoothly.

Shooting Day 3: House Shoot – Tony and Claire

This shoot was back home in Grantham, so all the equipment had to be driven all the way home. Again like shoot 2, it was at their house and the location was much smaller that day 1. I was able to shoot the photographs in their garage which was quite an acceptable space for the shoot, being that I was only doing head shots.

Overall a successful shoot.


Shooting Day 4: House Shoot in 2 locations – Jaz, Marcus and Connie

Shooting day 4 was in two locations. One being at my very own Mums house, to where Jaz met me there for her shoot, and I shot Marcus shortly after. One minor set back in this shoot, was that the room I was using was letting in a lot of light, as it was light and sunny outside and the curtains in the room weren’t very light resistant. I put the black backdrop in front of the curtains and managed to cover up more of the light when a few blankets and this seemed to do the trick.

Second part of shoot 4 was at my sisters house, to which I would be photographing my niece Connie. Again in relevance to shooting day 2, Connie is only 5 so would need more direction when being photographed. After the first few shots, she eventually got the hang of it.

This was to be my last day of shooting. I am very pleased with the results I have got will all days I have shot. Now I am anxious as to what the finished product will look like, when I place the casting shadows during the editing process.

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