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The possibility of Stakeholders of my Event

Stakeholder Analysis

The identification of your stakeholders is a crucial element that helps towards the success of your project, if managed effectively they will gear towards the promotion of your project.

‘A stakeholder is anybody who can affect or is affected by an organisation, strategy or project’.

The more stakeholders/people I affect with my event project, the more influence I will gain for future projects. So therefore by learning the technique of a stakeholder analysis, I can use it to identify the key people who will need influence.

There are three key steps within a stakeholder analysis. Firstly I must identify my stakeholders, all the people that will be affected by the event that have either an influence or a power over it.

The grid is used to showcase what possible actions I will take with each individual stakeholder. Each has different priorities; the most important being the community. I want my exhibition to reach out to a large percentage of the community I live in, and that my work be recognised.

The second protocol is to prioritise your stakeholders; taking into consideration that some may have a form of power over your event that will either block or advance it. This can be depicted on the ‘Power/Interest Gird for Stakeholder Prioritisation.’

The third step is to understand you stakeholders, I need to have a sense on how they will react to my project and be able to engage them. With the question the project is proposing, this can be asked to each individual who will all carry their own opinion and belief on the subject at hand.

A common stakeholder in a larger upscale event is the use of celebrity endorsement.

‘Using celebrities can help companies to create unique ads and engender a positive effect on the attitude and sales intention towards the brand.’

By using a certain celebrity to endorse your project/brand/product, will elevate your event to showcase it on to different platforms and raise its profile.

(Adapted from my work I produced for my Add+Vantage module in Events Management: All relevant in the planning of my exhibition)

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