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Consideration of Opportunities and Risks with my Exhibition

Opportunities and Risks

When looking at both opportunities and risks for an event, it’s recognized to develop a SWOT Analysis. This involves the analysis of the events potential; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Strengths: The enthusiasm and drive I have behind the events concept, and commitment I have in producing a well rounded and thought provoking final media project for my degree.

Weaknesses: One weakness I have come across with the development of the piece, is finding somewhere for it to be exhibited. That would both benefit for a wide audience and fit the concept of the piece.

Opportunities: With the hopeful publicity of the event, I want it to initiate open opportunities for me as a media producer. It’s setting a standard of what I can individually produce and create.

Threats: A classified threat of the exhibition would be if the piece wasn’t liked or if it wasn’t understood. I hope the audience gets a sense of the concept.

With the event there are many opportunities that I will individually gain. I am hoping with the correct exposure it will bring future opportunities through the likes of a possible career.

Although with the event, as with any event there will be the element of risk.

‘Risk management is the process of identifying such risks, assessing these risks and managing these risks’. (van der Wagen,L: 2005, 142)

Risk within an event is much more broader than just safety, it takes into account many other aspects too. There are three risk components; performance risk, cost risk and schedule risk.

Risk Components

Performance Risk – This is based on the uncertainty that the project I am holding will meet its requirements and will be deemed fit for its intended use.

Cost Risk – This is based upon the uncertainty that my projects budget will be maintained throughout production.

Schedule Risk – This is based on the uncertainty that my projects/events schedule will be maintained and will be delivered on time, on the days I have allocated.

If I were to assess the risks of my event I would consider it a ‘low risk’ event. Within reference to what a low risk event is, the exhibition is indoors and the people /myself that are involved hold a range of experience in this particular field. Main components of risk within this event are as follows;

  • Electrical/Technical Faults
  • Parking
  • Whether
  • Finance/Money/Cost
  • Location
  • Art Works ready/Equipment available
  • Health and Safety


It is indeed impossible to cover every possible risk with any event, but it is essential that a particular framework is followed through a ‘risk assessment’, in order to deal with any of the risks effectively. If the risks are; identified, analysed and precritised, planned then monitored, the procedure of risk management will be carried out correctly and efficiently.

(Adapted from my work I produced for my Add+Vantage module in Events Management: All relevant in the planning of my exhibition)

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