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Monthly Archives: April, 2014

Primary and Secondary Research on Christenings

During the present month and last month, I have photographed a Christening and since been asked to photograph another. With researching the variety of different photography jobs available to me … Continue reading

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Postponed Exhibition

Originally I have planned since submitting my AV Proposal, that my exhibition would be held on the 26th of April. I had took all the necessary precautions prior to this … Continue reading

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Development on Photoshop skills and Rough Edit…

During my second year in University I undertook an Add+Vantage in Adobe Photoshop, and since then I have been learning and improving on my skills with the software. Seen as … Continue reading

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Secondary Research – Forensic Photography

One job that I came across when researching the different photography jobs that I could possess in the near future, was that of Forensic Photography. Forensic Photography can be either … Continue reading

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Secondary Research: Wedding Photographer

With this particular job, no matter what happens with the economy people will always be getting married. The job pays well also, and you have the freedom to pick and … Continue reading

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References   Quinstreet Enterprise. (2014). Event Management. Available: Last accessed 29th March 2014.   Shone, A and Parry, B (2010). Successful Event Management. 3rd ed. UK: Brendan George. 3. … Continue reading

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Primary Research and Interview with Senior Clinical Photographer Nick Loveitt

Having to provide both secondary and primary research for a job I am considering going into after University, I managed to arrange an interview/meeting with the Medical Photography department at … Continue reading

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My Exhibition Schedule

Event Project Schedule My exhibition is held on two dates; 25th of April is the opening night and the 26th throughout the day. This unfortunately changed due to technical difficulties … Continue reading

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My Finalised Budget List

Budget Plan and Expenditure When demising a budget/expenditure plan for this particular project, with it being a personal event, I knew the budget would be depicted from two main sources; … Continue reading

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My Market Plan and Project Plan

Marketing Plan The development of a market plan determines who is the target market of your event, through market research that is then identified through methods on how to publicise … Continue reading

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