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Meeting with Laura Elliott at Coventry Artspace

Today I met with Laura Elliott at Coventry Artspace, to talk about the concept of my piece and relevant and available spaces she could offer me when it comes to holding my exhibition. The meeting overall went really well, and she gave me three possible leads as to where could be both available and relevant.

Coventry Cathedral


Within the Cathedral is a Multi Faith Chapel, to which many different things take place. They hold a wide range of activities that include;

– Participation in corporate events such as Coventry Peace Month

– Positive Images Festival

– Heritage Open Days and so on

To my interest they also arrange exhibitions, in order to create greater awareness of diversity. With the concept of my project focusing mainly around death and with the research I have built up involving a variety of different cultures, religions and beliefs as to what happens to them when they pass. All of which can relate to being of a diverse nature, and would possibly be of interest to the people that visit the cathedral.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, since sending an email inquiring about this space on the 12th of March I have yet to hear anything back. So now I am concentrating on other means of possible places to exhibit.


Coventry ArtSpace


Whilst I was at the meeting with Laura she gave me a tour of some of the places/rooms that were available around Coventry ArtSpace. One of these included a place called the Friends Meeting House, which was situated next door at the back of Artspace. This place was owned by the Quakers with some research I have done on this subject dated back to the 1940s, this very site was used for the deceased, poor people who couldn’t afford a proper funeral.

(add research later)

UPDATE: I also emailed them on the 12th of March and have also received no reply.


1 The Precinct


This out of the three prospects was the one I was interested in the most. Reasons being as it’s in the middle of the city centre, it’s easily accessible to the public as it’s so local, so therefore I’d hopefully get a wider audience. In order for me to be able to see the space and it’s full potential, Laura informed me of a ‘Windows Collective’, that was taking place on the 22nd of March on a Saturday at 2pm.

UPDATE: I was unfortunate to not be able to attend this Windows Collective myself, but I asked Emily Horler to go and visit the place on behalf of myself so I could still get a view of it inside. Again another unfortunate aspect is that they were only letting certain people, although Emily did get a photograph of the outside. Referring to what I said previously I still would like this location for my exhibition for reasons I have expressed above.


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