The beginning of my Photography domain.

What each shadow is and what it means.

As I have said previously, each person I photograph has a casting shadow that will be on their face and some just below. These shadows each carry a different representation of a belief that someone/a religion has on what happens after death. Each shadow is either from a religious belief or someone who is under no religion.

Heavens Gates – Representing the belief of entering heaven after death, from the faith Christianity.

Hells Fire – Opposite belief from the Christian belief, that you could go to hell. All dependant on how you live your life.

Coffin with a Cross – Symbolism of death in Christianity.

Earthen Vessels – Opening of a pair of hands, represents an open mind.

Scales – Judgement by God, the heavier side determines whether you go to heaven or hell, dependant on your good and bad deeds you have done within your life. Muslim Faith.

Saudi Arabia – The Holy City for Muslims.

Man Praying – Symbol of peace and trust, in both the Sikhism and Christianity faith.

Stairs – This is a representation of 1 of the 6 states beyond this present life. The stairs symbolise that there are 37 different levels of heaven, this is a Buddhist belief.

Bird – Animal Reincarnation, representing the belief that the spirits of humans are reborn if they have killed animals or have committed a lot of evil acts, animals don’t have much freedom, Buddhist belief.

Blacked Out Eyes – From the belief of a person who withholds no religion, but believes that nothing happens after death, just darkness, an eternal sleep.

Wings – The opinion of a non religious person, in the belief of guardian angels. Something that people happens when they die, they become angels and watch over their loved ones.

I took each a photograph on each individual shadow with a black background with the use of one source of light from a dedo light.

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