The beginning of my Photography domain.

Secondary/Part Primary Research: Fashion Photographer

Fashion photography is used on such a wide spectrum. In order to be a fashion photographer you firstly need the obvious interest in the fashion industry and an initial idea on how you would get into that field of work. Another necessity is that you must excel at the likes of photography, as the job can vary on a daily basis, as your environment you shoot in will change as will the model you are working with, so you need to be adaptable.

Photo-shoots are what keep this industry going the way in does, as said above it would be the ideal job for a photographer who wants to improve on their craft. Working in magazines is a popular field within the fashion industry as these are what contain the photographs from the photo-shoots. Many of these magazines will hire freelancers, which is ideal for someone who works under that form of freelance, but then its a competitive market. It is said to when looking for work, to contact the publication directly in order to get a response.

When researching famous fashion photographers I came across the work of Alex James. Alex you could say covers all bases in the likes of fashion through photography, he has done work in; fashion, celebrity, lingerie, menswear etc. He is based in London in which he covers; fashion, advertising and portraiture.


A reason for his work capturing my attention in particular is his photographs he has on his website in where he has incorporated shadows. This is relatable in the work I am producing for my FMP piece, that is in the form of portrait photographs with casting shadows representing beliefs and opinion on what happens after death. It made me think further into why shadows are used within some peoples work.  I know the reasoning behind my own decisions, as I wanted to highlight the opinions and beliefs I had been subject through both my secondary and primary research for the project at hand. I feel that with all the photographs work I have researched throughout this module and 361mc that have shadows in some of there work, use them and incorporate them from many different reasons. Shadows in my opinion add dimension, drama and contrast to a photograph, and in such a simplistic way, even in fashion, it made me as the viewer take closer note of each and every item the subject in the photo was wearing. Being that the lines of the shadows somehow made me do that, by the way they were cast horizontally across the image.

The role of a fashion photographer partly appeals to myself, as I have said previously it can vary in what you do on a daily basis as each shoot it different. This is a big factor for my in my chosen career, as I want to be able to involve photography within my future job, but one that doesn’t just stick to the norm, one that challenges me from day to day.

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