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Looking for Materials for my Exhibition Piece

With me doing a combination of a photography an installation piece for my FMP, I need to think about ways in which I will present this in a specific form. I have been thinking about this for a while now and it has changed and developed more times than one. I now at present time have a finalised plan and overall look I want for my exhibition piece and am currently in the stages of planning and the research and development towards that. I have been researching and looking into different places to where I can acquire the necessary materials I need, both to make the piece and the electrical items to go with it for the installations.

For the piece itself, I legitimately want to create a human sized box, to represent the concept of a likewise coffin inspired shape. Reason behind this shape I have chosen seems I think to tie in with the overall subject of my piece being focused on the concept of death and peoples opinions of what they believe happens to them with they die through the thoughts of maybe afterlife or reincarnation. I think the fact that I am creating a box like shape that I ultimately want people to walk into and see the installation from within the box as well as on the outside, will initiate  them to experience it from both the outside and from within. I hope for it to inspire the audience and participants to see and feel what I have created by making them a part of it, so they can see themselves what the people I have chosen to photograph believe and get a sense of that there are a variety of different beliefs of what happens after death out there. Not necessarily for the change of the participants opinion on the concept, just for a further understanding on why I myself decided to conduct this sort of project.

When focusing on the materials I need in order to create this piece, I have conducting research on; the internet, visiting places that I thought could acquire the materials I need, so I can compare the likes of both quality and price.

My first protocol was the internet, as I have made use of the networks; Amazon and Ebay for many a reason in the past, and they were the first that sprang to mind. The main use for these websites was to look for the ‘self adhesive holographic rear projection material, which is what I will use to cover the top of the plastic screen in the exhibition piece for the projection of the imagery.


From even the first stages of development I knew I wanted to incorporate installation into my piece. When I came up with the idea, I started thinking about ways in which I could project my imagery onto different materials; and ones that stayed in mind was glass and plastic, as they are both completely see through. Reason for me wanting to use a material that appears see through was because as you can see prior the example above, the image/photograph is still clear to see but is still somewhat seen through. I have decided to use this particular effect in my piece as it adds to the overall concept it is based on around death. With me taking the photographs of people and projecting those images onto the plastic or glass, given that they have that see through effect and are somewhat distorted makes them less apparent than a living person. In simpler terms it gives in my opinion a ‘ghostly’ look somewhat unhuman, which sends the hidden meaning and message behind the concept of having the photographs I have taken representing peoples beliefs of what happens to them when they die. Sort of a representation of a persons soul, as they are no longer among the living, so the see through effect ultimately shows the differentiation between the two.

When referring back to the material being projected onto itself, I have come to the conclusion that it would be both safer and less costly to use plastic rather than glass. Again I have looked online;


I have also been to B&Q to compare prices and also to gain knowledge on the material that I have chosen to work with first hand.

With combining the piece also with wood, this is what I at present time imagine/want my piece to look like;

1080093_10203378905823827_1423660505_nCourtesy of: Angus Medford.

As you can see the piece also includes the use of projectors, to what I have said previously which means I will be used some form of electronics in the piece also in order to make the installation remotely possible. I plan to use three projectors at this given time, so the spectator when in the box like structure can observe the imagery at every angle. Further added to the aim I have to give the audience of my piece that overall experience of the installation.

I am currently looking into the use of projectors and to where I can accommodate 3, I have been informed that I will need a VGA Splitter in order to have my images run off a laptop and be in the three projectors at the same time.

Over the next week I will be producing a ‘mini mock up’ of my piece. This will prove to be beneficial to me as the artist creating it, as it will give me the knowledge on what possible obstacles I will face when making the real larger scaled version. It will prepare me and give me the further knowledge I need in order to illuminate mistakes and also an idea of what it will look like finalised.

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