The beginning of my Photography domain.

Secondary Research: School Photographer

The main aspects and necessity of working as a school photographer, is that you need to have the ability to work with children. With the likes of working with children in your photography job, no day will be the same as children can be unpredictable, and there will be different schools you will go to so you will meet so many different personalities.

We offer two services which are very popular with schools and parents alike: the Contemporary School Portrait Photography Service and the Traditional School Portrait Photography Service.

The most common use of a background for the school photographs are white and some shades of blue, but some school have there own. Also there is a particular/reoccurring way in which the pupils sit, to the side with their head facing towards the camera.

Finding work in the school photography sector, is normal found through an agency. As many school employ these agencies to come to the school once a year to take the individual and class photographs.

I don’t think school photography is a trade I would consider.

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