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More Primary Research/Survey


Today I was meant to interview a gentleman named Javed at the Muslim Resource Centre in Coventry, but it has regrettably been postponed till next week so instead I got on with another part of my primary research which was in the way of deducting a survey. I have set out this week in my schedule to finalise and collect all the research I can possibly get for my project, so that next week I can go over my findings and figure out the plan for shooting the week after.

In order to conduct a good survey, I was introduced to Survey Monkey by fellow student Emily Horler. This is a fairly simple site, that gives you all the amenities in tow to create a structured enough survey. I had already got questions I knew I wanted to use, that I have asked to previous people I have spoken to and also general questions I felt necessary on the subject I am covering. Questions that would develop answers that would enable me to for see my project forward, and depict what I would include in my finalised photographs.

<a href=””>Click here to take survey</a>


Here is the survey, I hope to have my findings and conclusions by the end of the week.

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