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More Narrative Development…

The Process and development on my project I feel is improving on a daily basis, I could research every aspect I could possibly find in regards to the concept of my project, but that would be impossible. I can however try and cover as many areas as I can, so I don’t just give that generalised view on what peoples beliefs are whether there is life after death, if it’s an end or a beginning.

I firstly looked at questions circulated around the concept itself, questions people withhold and ask on the subject. Each individual will have their own interpretation, all dependent on what they perceive death to be, which is what I ask in my projects question. When looking upon death as an end, the person may feel fear and anxiety as it’s something we will all  at some point in our lives have to face in ourselves and through our loved ones around us. Whereas when people tend to think of it as a beginning of something else, they would feel calmness and hope and they believe that that’s not the end of everything, just the beginning of something new.


When conducting more research on the subject of my piece I found that death was the most common fear to have and second to worst. Reasons for this fear were as follows; the unknown, fear of loosing loved ones, fear of pain and being alone, and the fear of ceasing to exist. With death being known as being one of the most feared aspects in life, there are even people that in fact suffer from death anxiety, mainly people that have had near death experiences. There’s the point of actually dying than death itself that scares people, as its the only definite certainty in life and it happens to us all in more ways than one. It’s the prospect of the unknown of what’s after that or if there is nothing at all. This is taken into belief of what the possible answer to this question could be, through different religions and cultures and people that stem opinions from what they read and what they experience through their lives.

Christian Faith

With this faith there is a some what amount of confusion as to what different forms of Christians believe, although all in all revolve around one outcome of what is believed when they die. In there religious belief they mostly believe that everyone when they die is sleeping, and waiting for their final judgement, after which they will be either sent to heaven or hell, whereas there are some that believe instead of sleeping and waiting you are instantly judged. Ours souls/spirits are sent to a temporary heaven or hell whilst that final judgment is taking place. It is said in the bible that believer of the Christian faith will be sent to heaven, and that when we die we are sent to a new heavens and a new earth. Whereas the non-believers are sent straight to hell, and their death will not be seen as a pleasant one.

I have first hand information when it comes to the above faith of the Christian, as it is the most common one that I have grown up around with family members and friends as such. I want my project that I do, to carry versatility in it, so it can appeal to a much wider audience and be a representation on more that just one belief. I have decided to conduct a survey on the topic I have chosen, so I can benefit from the various opinions and beliefs from the different cultures and religions I have around me.

Reasons for my asking this question in my project and for wanting to carry out a piece that has this particular subject was because I felt it was a question that each person in a way could ask themselves or question, as it inevitable to happen to us all as it’s a fact of life. It will always be the most unanswered question through time, ‘what actually happens when we die?’ It’s not a subject people mostly want to talk about as death it a daunting concept, but as I’ve just said it is experienced by every individual in themselves and for them to experience it with people around them also. For that reason is why I wanted to cover it for my FMP, as it’s a very relatable subject, and my aim is to make it one that isn’t always daunting. But one that you can look at and think it does happen to everyone so why should it scare me?

In relevance in me getting a versatile and wide range of sources for the photographs I take I have as I’ve said produced an anonymous questionnaire both online on Survey Monkey, and have passed it around friends and the public and work. I have already previously spoke to a Cemetery Operations Manager about what happens at funerals and what is asked by the loved ones of the deceased. My next and final steps are to talk to a man called Javed, who works at the Muslim resource centre to cover and find out about his cultures beliefs. I also have a meeting booked with a lady at a school who has spiritual beliefs.

From the 17th of March which is a Monday I will have gathered all the information I have felt that I can, in order to produce the workings and strong concept of my photography and installation piece, both from primary and secondary sources.

Sources for Information:

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