The beginning of my Photography domain.

Secondary Research: Food Photographer

The job of a food photographer initially interested me, reason being is that I love food. When I cam across this specific job, not really thinking as to whether is actually existed, it made me more observant when I now go out to eat in either restaurants and elsewhere. Every place whether is be a fast food restaurant like McDonalds or the Harvester, there are always photographs around within the décor that show the food that is served at that place in particular. So to my own conclusion there must be/is someone that takes these photographs, and that person is a food photographer.

The benefits of working as a food photographer would allow you to dine out in high class restaurants possibly all over the world. Which will either be used for show in the restaurant itself; in the menu or in the décor for promotional rights, or even for a review.


Within my secondary research on this particular photographers job, it is said that if one was to occupy it they would need to master the art of taking well structured and authentic photos of the food without the use of a flash. The process of food photography is due to a collaboration of 4 main parties including; the art director, the photographer, the food stylist and the prop stylist, all of which have their own specific job.

The actual photographs take place in a studio, under the use of the correct lighting. All aspects that can be controlled within the studios environment is then set up including; the background and light, to what is deemed appropriate for the food to be presented in its most perfect way and further more to compliment it. The food used in photographs is styled and treated in many ways in order to put it at its most best, but it would be however unacceptable to eat afterwards.

The job of a food photographer does interest me, although I get a sense of the lacking in communication with people. Being that the job is taking photographs of food, takes that away and I feel I would much prefer my job to have more of a sense of people in it.



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