The beginning of my Photography domain.

Development on ProPracPort: What I’m Researching

My overall goal for the use of this module is to research and develop my knowledge on jobs within the photography job sector. I have started looking at specific roles I could possess as a future career, and the ways in which I could get them through both gaining qualifications and experience.

In my professional practice portfolio my main focus will be on on particular role which is that of a trainee Medical Photography working within a Hospital. Others I am considering or have an interest in I will also look into through the path of both primary and secondary research.

Through the first stages of preparing for my professional practice portfolio it has come to my attention the variety of photography jobs there are actually out there, which gave me a confidence boost that there is so much I can do with what I love doing, which is taking photographs.

Throughout this module my main focus as I have said previously will be that of the job in Medical Photography. But I will also be taking into consideration and researching other jobs that have interested me that include;

– Forensic Photography


– Food Photographer


– School Photographer


– Wedding Photographer


– Travel Photographer


– Combat Photographer


– Wildlife Photographer


– Fashion Photographer


All of which I will depict research and develop what is deemed to be needed in order to possess each of these jobs I am looking into within the world of photography. Some of which I will look deeper into, the ones I feel I have more interest in which my main focus will be as I have said above. I feel this will all benefit me in the long run, especially when I come to finishing Uni. As doing the research on each of these jobs and taking the time to talk to people within these jobs sectors, will give me the much needed information I need in order to get somewhere in the field I want. I see photography as something I am thoroughly interested in and I consider it a hobby of mine, one that I could convert into a job and there are many possibilities out there. I however need to get experience, which I do have but it’s always beneficial to have even more. For me to gain experience wherever I can will ultimately build up my portfolio.


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This entry was posted on February 20, 2014 by in Professional Practice Portfolio.
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