The beginning of my Photography domain.

The Beginning of My 364mc Professional Practice Porfolio

The purpose of this module is to ‘Market myself as a Media Professional’. Although this is a module for my University degree, it is also to be used to my advantage as it’s making me consider what I actually want to do when I finish, and what sort of job I see in my future. With thinking about my own personal career aspirations as a basis I will; research, develop and publish an outward-facing professional portfolio, one that I feel will contribute to me having the ability to find a job I want when I finish University.

The specific role I want to focus on is that of a photographer, as this I feel is my passion, whether in be in any form of a job not just sticking to the norm of becoming a; freelancer or working in magazines etc. I really want to use this module and the means of the professional practice portfolio as a start to considering the various roots  I can go down and careers I can look into that have photography based within them in one way or another. The main focus/specific role being that of a photographer, and a small number of roles to which I can consider.

I will from this date continue to develop on researching into the different roles and pathways I could take with the focus of me wanting to be a photographer, and provide evidence both primary and secondary to show that I have really overlooked the ways in which I can for come the jobs I have come across. Also providing the skills that will be required for these various roles I am willing and considering to take as my future job and career.

I want to over the next few months be able to gain experience into as many professional networks as I can, to show I have engaged in the job I want to take, so I can get a real feel for the job at hand and determine whether I’d enjoy it. I hope to have gained a contact list by the end of University, so I am able to progress in the means of my future chosen career, and have leads and people I know that will help me reach my aspired job role.

Overall I want to take light on to as many photography roles that I can, ones that I feel I can in the future possess a job/career in, one that I feel will make me want to achieve my full potential and earn me big bucks!


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This entry was posted on February 18, 2014 by in Professional Practice Portfolio.
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