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My Finalised Project Idea and Question…

Over the past week I have really been thinking about and taking into much consideration what I actually want my FMP project to really be about, and what ‘question’ I want it to ask to the audience I showcase it to and what I want to accomplish from it, its overall meaning and understanding.

Over the course of the passing months I have known a board concept to what I wanted my project to focus around, which was the concept of ‘Death’. It has both baffled me and set me to some forms of confusion as to what I actually wanted to show and ask around this chosen concept, I didn’t want it to cause confusion to my audience I wanted it to have a specific focus.

I have been researching and developing many ideas and pathways to what I could base my project around over the late weeks, and at some point came to a stand still as I had many prospects to what I could do. I have to consider many aspects when doing a photography based piece and these are what I have mainly been thinking about:

– whether to use models or real people, dependant on what my question is around the project I am doing.

– location in which to shoot; in a studio, or in a natural environment?


After much thought and deliberation I have finally come to a conclusion as to what I want my project to ask and the overall outcome of it, through the countless days and sleepless nights (yes there have been some) I have finally found a subject that I can concentrate on and feel I can overcome in the concept I originally wanted to focus on. For a while now I have had a broad idea of what I wanted to do, but it was indeed very broad and I knew even myself there wasn’t enough focus and not much depth, it was too general.

Now I feel to date, I do have that more focus I needed, and my idea now have substance to whereas before I felt it lacked in that.


Finalised FMP

My question: Death, Is it the End or is it just the Beginning?

Still gearing towards my first idea on the concept of death and what happens to your body when you die, but a more focused approach as to what? With this above question I have proposed, I want to conduct primary research in investigating a variety of peoples opinions as to what they believe happens to them when they die, whether they see this turn of event in their own lives or others around them is in fact in their eyes an end or a beginning.

There are many beliefs with people in religion and other resources to what is believed to happen when you die, some being thought are; reincarnation, or heaven etc. There are many obvious ones that I am currently researching that can be seen to be the obvious choice of answers, which is why for the means of this project I want to go out there myself and speak to real people first hand, to give my project that personal feel I wanted to originally give it and feel that through this way I can do this. As I will be conducting the research myself and showcasing it through photographs in my own unique way to what answers I collect from the people I speak to.

My plan at the moment, is to take two photographs with each person. One just of them to reflect on the person they are, and the other to reflect upon the answer and belief they give me. Although I expect some of the people to give me a very generic answer if they are people that literally just see death as an end, some I feel will give me more imaginative answers, ones I feel will make to be an interesting photograph and give that overall sense of feeling and experience I want the audience to feel at the exhibition I hold. I want them to get a sense of these people I have chosen to photograph, and what there opinion is on what happens after death.

Of course I have said previously I want to incorporate the use of installation in my piece, to further create that sense of experience for the audience and to give further meaning towards the overall concept. This is still in the workings, but at the moment to give some form of insight as to what I am currently considering, I have been looking at ways I can project my images/photographs onto windows. It has come to my knowledge that there is a certain material that you can purchase in order to do this, the reason I want to consider this is as I’ve said before I don’t just want my work being hung in a frame on a wall I want to exhibit it in a more imaginative way. This also could withhold further meaning around the basis of the concept also, being that I have chosen to project the images to create further meaning behind the concept itself, given on the outcome of my research, this will overall determine what installation I chose to use.

Right now, I am very content in the position I am in. I now have a clear focus as to what my project is about and the outcome it has.


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