The beginning of my Photography domain.

Things Included in my Production Folder/What to consider?

As part of the running towards the end of my FMP, I must conduct in the producing off a ‘Production Folder’. To which I have taken into much consideration to what I shall include within it, to what I deem to be relevant and to what holds significance in the workings towards my FMP. With myself doing a mainly photography based project and also in line to holding my own exhibition with my own work being exhibited, there are aspects of planning that would deem different to that of say a production folder a fellow student would have that was doing a short film.

With the remaining thoughts towards both the FMP project itself and the exhibition I plan to hold, there is a specific list to date to which I feel includes elements that I feel are needed within my production folder. Ones that hold significance to both mentioned above, to which the criteria and layout has to be has helped be depicted from that of the Add+Vantage I have chosen to take in my final year, which is Events Project Management. Briefly explaining the assignment set in this module, is basically planning an event and the elements needed for consideration when doing so. I am using this to my full convenience as all deemed necessary for myself to consider when planning my own event, which is my exhibition.


So my ‘Event Project Plan/My Production Folder’, currently contains the following;

– Introduction; a brief outlook on the meaning of the overall project, what it’s about. An introduction to the event/exhibition I am holding.

– Aims and Objectives; what I want to come out of this project/exhibition, what I want my audience to experience and take meaning from in my work. What reaction I want to create from my audience, how I see the event panning out.

– Feasibility Study; the practicality of my proposed plan/method, for both my FMP project and my exhibition.

– Stakeholder Analysis; taking into consideration the range of stakeholders in both ^^

– Opportunities and Risks; considering future opportunities with the work I produce will take me and the event in tow. Risks that could occur, how I’d resolve them.

– Marketing Plan; A look into the ways in which I am choosing to publicise my exhibition.

– Budget Plan/List; All aspects taken to account in the overall budget of the production and event.

– Overall Project Plan/Schedule; Research, Development, Floor plans, Exhibition Plans, etc.

– Shot Lists; for that of the photographs to be taken.#

– Photo’s/Video’s of Pre-Production; overlooking its process.

– Equipment lists

– Poster for advertisement; the workings of the planning behind it and the outcome.

– Evaluation

There will be furthermore that will be added during the means of both the planning and the final production, but I feel all of the above set a high guideline to what I have to cover throughout my FMP and what deems appropriate to be included in my production folder. To set a format to that of people that come across it can see all the thought and planning that have gone into both my FMP and my Exhibition.

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