The beginning of my Photography domain.

Possible Model Recruitment

As the basis of my FMP is that of being on the groundwork of photography, I need to take into consideration factors to which I acquire in order to be able to produce this project. One major aspect is that of the subjects I want to photograph, being that they can consist of many types; models, ‘real’ people, animals, landmarks, nature etc.

I need to take this aspect into much consideration, as to what I choose to photograph and contain within them will depict on what my project means and to what it represents. Attention to detail is key, each element from the; subject/person, to the costume and props, to the setting/location in the frame will all have to coincide with the overall images meaning as a whole.

Firstly to consider is the person/subject I wish to photograph, whether it be the workings of recruiting models. I have started this form of process by setting up an open audition for models both male and female between the ages of 18 – 70. Reason for this wide spectrum of age is that I want a variety of subjects that I wish to photograph for this piece, as it withholds opportunity to reach out to all ages. This is because with the subject I am focusing on which is the concept of death, with it being so broad and an element that reaches and is experienced by each and every one of us, through loosing someone close to even it happen to ourselves, it’s a fact of life.

I want my project/photography piece to be as universal as possible being that of what I just commented on.

If I was to consider another route of subjects, other than the above with the use of models, my other protocol is to use ‘real’ people. ‘Real’ in a sense of with conducting primary research with people who have regrettably experienced a form of grief in their lives, through a certain loss. I want to capture the emotion they withhold, and develop it in the sense of a photograph. I also feel that this means of approach would in fact be proven to be more beneficial towards the workings of my production, as it gets myself out there meeting new people and have a sense of reality and more understanding to the subject I am ranging my piece on.

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This entry was posted on February 12, 2014 by in Final Media Productions.
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