The beginning of my Photography domain.

Experimental Art…and more developement

antoni_3-414x400 choros-2

Reasons for me researching on Experimental Art as part of a possible collaboration towards my exhibition piece, is because of the way it is sectioned out when described/analysed. The two words used to define what experimental art consists of include: innovative and avant-garde. Two elements that I feel would be perfect in use to explain the domain and meaning towards my chosen subject for the project.

I have continued and will do so progressively through my on-going research and development to over look the avant-garde approach when focusing on its use within photography. I have already looked at the works of Man Ray, and have established previously that I feel the essence and look of most of the projects I have for taken can be categorised under the codes and conventions to that of the avant-garde approach.

Through further development of my idea and the narrowing down of the particular question I want to generally ask, when I am producing my range of photographs that will make up the exhibition piece. I am as I have commented above considering the idea of using the likes of experimental art when it comes to exhibiting my work, as I feel it could possibly add to the atmosphere I want to create in the space I am using.

Referring back to the word ‘innovation’ this can be seen anywhere, in any works of art, in my own personal case through the workings of the said combination of; photography, installation and experimental art. With the possibility of others that are still being considered. The reason for me discussing the concept of the word innovation, is because I continually ask myself a particular question when it comes to all aspect of my work and projects I produce. This question being, ‘how can I make this different to anything else?’ I want to simply learn and embrace techniques and try and showcase them in a new and imaginative way, ideas that haven’t necessarily been seen before by an audience. A project that will excite people and get them talking about it, the subject I have chosen I feel is universal as it happens to each one of us in different ways.

With using innovation as a way in which to describe the workings of my project doesn’t necessarily mean I am going to be able to create something completely new in the world of photography/installation/experimental art. I mean to make something familiar, what people of all walks can experience and create their own view of through the way in which I exhibit it, making it have relevance to a wide range of people.

The main logic for my using the meaning of experimental art when allowing a definition or explanation to the say genre or subject of my project is that I am ‘experimenting’ with different techniques and skills. Ones in which are new to me, using them is encouraging me to develop as a photographer and to gain knowledge that there are various ways in which you can showcase your work that don’t just involve a photograph in a frame.

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This entry was posted on February 12, 2014 by in Final Media Productions.
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