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Monthly Archives: February, 2014

Site-Specific Work/Art

Although I have previously mentioned the term ‘site-specific art’, I felt it appropriate to include a post on it’s history and reasons on why I am considering its use within … Continue reading

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Primary Research: Gregg Gavin – At Canley Crematorium

Last Wednesday I took upon research into crematoriums in and around the Coventry area, to which I came across one in Canley. I then decided to send out an email … Continue reading

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Development on ProPracPort: What I’m Researching

My overall goal for the use of this module is to research and develop my knowledge on jobs within the photography job sector. I have started looking at specific roles … Continue reading

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My Finalised Project Idea and Question…

Over the past week I have really been thinking about and taking into much consideration what I actually want my FMP project to really be about, and what ‘question’ I … Continue reading

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The Beginning of My 364mc Professional Practice Porfolio

The purpose of this module is to ‘Market myself as a Media Professional’. Although this is a module for my University degree, it is also to be used to my advantage … Continue reading

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Exhibition at Allan Barry: Bark and Butterflies

With producing a part installation piece as part of my FMP, I wanted to be able to experience a similar exhibition. So I was able to gain a feel of … Continue reading

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Installation Art

Since first embarking on ideas and pathways to which I could take towards my FMP, one of the first that inspired me was the workings of installation art. Over the … Continue reading

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Things Included in my Production Folder/What to consider?

As part of the running towards the end of my FMP, I must conduct in the producing off a ‘Production Folder’. To which I have taken into much consideration to … Continue reading

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Possible Model Recruitment

As the basis of my FMP is that of being on the groundwork of photography, I need to take into consideration factors to which I acquire in order to be … Continue reading

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Experimental Art…and more developement

Reasons for me researching on Experimental Art as part of a possible collaboration towards my exhibition piece, is because of the way it is sectioned out when described/analysed. The two … Continue reading

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