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FMP Proposal: Supporting Creative Artefact

Today I shot all aspects of my supporting creative artefact for a core part of my FMP proposal video.

When first coming up with what I could shoot for it, I wanted to make sure I had a small variety of material that would both relate and express what sort of project I was planning on doing. I did this by including 3 elements which were as follows;

A short/1 minute interview with 2nd Year Media Production Student, Heather Louis. I had previously been informed by a Lecturer that Heather had conducted some research on certain photographers that held reference to my project, which were Vivian Maier and Lee Friedlander. During our short interview I only wanted to ask Heather 3 questions on the research she conducted, to find out whether it influenced and inspired her in her own work, as I hope mine does.



1. What was the reason for you researching these particular photographers?

2. Did their work inspire your own?

3. How would you use their influence in future projects?

Heather answered each question most admirably, with her main focus of the one photographer Vivian Maier. The reason for me asking these specific questions was because they are what I want to be able to answer when at the end of my research and development for my project. Heather’s answers and the way in which she both enthusiastic and knowingly answering my questions gave me much inspiration, as I could tell she knew what she was talking about and the research aspect of production really helped her focus.


Another part to my supporting artefact was to show myself experimenting with different materials that my photographs could be projected on. These included; bubble wrap, tracing paper and I’ve also looked at silk. This part mainly includes myself talking through the different ways in which I plan to make my project different.

Lastly I included a short piece on myself looking around for exhibition space. This is just to briefly highlight and show that I am currently development this key element within my research for my project.

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