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Research: The Royal Academy of Arts

The Royal Academy of Arts was first established in the year of 1768, and was founded by a personal act from King George the 3rd. Its an art institution that is based in the city of London, situated in Burlington House within Piccadilly. Its uniqueness is that it is an independent art and also privately funded institution, that is led by both artists and architects.

it withholds the purpose to; promote the creation, enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts. This is done by them involving through the likes of; debates, education and exhibitions. The part involving exhibitions is the one that is of my main interest as to why I am researching The Royal Academy of Arts.

The Academy has had a clear intention from its very beginning, which was to both;

– To raise a promotional status of its artists. They are able to do this by establishing a sound system of training and expert judgement in that of the arts.

– They also arrange exhibitions of contemporary works of art.

The first exhibition was open to all artists of contemporary art, and this was open from the 25th of April to the 27th of May in the year of 1769. At this very exhibit there were 136 works of art showcased, and this was known as the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. This exhibition is annually staged every year since that year.

In light of these exhibitions and through researching this Academy, I have took into account two aspects.

One being that this institution holds this Summer Exhibition every year and is open to all artists. Although it may seem completely out of my own reach perhaps this year, I would like to perhaps think about trying to get my work seen, whether it be my FMP or another project dependant on my success. It’s always amiable to have a personal goal, this would be good to be one of mine. Being that fellow students goals is to put the short films they make into film festivals, whereas myself with doing photography need to look at prospects for my work to be seen. I will take this into consideration more so further down the process and development of my project.

The other aspect is considering the exhibitions that are still held there today, and as to whether it would be beneficial for myself and my research to go experience one. One that would possibly relate to my chosen subject and add influence to my piece through looking at another artists work. There are three exhibitions that are being held that have caught my eye and have sparked interest and I feel all have some sort of connection to my chosen project for my FMP.

John Carter: Between Dimensions

This exhibition is held in the Tennant Gallery from the 2nd of October till the 16th of February.

John Carter RA, 'Matrix', 2012. John Carter RA, ‘Matrix’, 2012. Oil on cut paper, 475 x 475 mm. © the artist. Photo: Peter Abrahams, Lucid Plane

He was born in the year of 1942, and in the 1960s was said to be one of the New Generations artists. Other than being here in the Academy, he has also exhibited in; Europe, Japan and the USA.

This artist is one of Britain’s most respected abstract artists. This exhibit is there to reveal his development from his early op and pop art influences. They are shown through; structures of his current work, maquettes, sketchbooks and drawings.

I think I might find this exhibition helpful as he is mainly considered a sculpture. In my piece I am yet to come to the decision as to whether I could/should incorporate sculptures into my piece. As I’ve said previously I want my photography to not just be a canvas on a wall. I want research and experiment with different ways and installations in order to make my end project more interesting.

Opening times Tuesday–Friday, 10 am–4 pm Saturday and Sunday, 10am–6pm

Admission Complimentary entry with a valid Royal Academy exhibition ticket or £3 General Admission ticket. Friends of the RA go free

Francis Bowyer: The Spirit of Places

This exhibition is held in the Gallery Café between the 25th of October till the 10th of February.

Francis Bowyer, 'Falling Light' Francis Bowyer, ‘Falling Light’  106cm X 85cm

This artist studied at St. Martins School of Art and the Chelsea School of Art, currently though he teaches drawing at one of the Academies.

This exhibition explores the current areas of interest in the artist of Francis Bowyer. Its said to capture certain atmospheres in Parisian, London restaurants and the conceptual/intimate views on the interior of his studio.

I don’t know much about this particular exhibition, but the title of it intrigued me. I assume its based around the spirit of certain places, the ones he chose to photograph such as London restaurants. I want to capture the spirit within people, and am still developing a way in which I can do this. So I would like to reciprocate how Francis manages to do this in the likes of different places and the message each on portrays.

Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined

Held in the Main Galleries between the 25th of January to the 6th of April.

This exhibition out of the three, even though it leaves little if not any clue as to what it entails, to me is the most intriguing and comparable to what I want to do in my project. Their goal is to, ‘give you an unforgettable experience’. Which I have commented previously is what I want to do for my audience who end up observing my final work. They are using many perspectives when it comes to art through; structures, scents, lighting etc. which I want to do with my project. Going to this exhibition will give my light into how other artists make this happen, and give me more of a structure to the building blocks of my own work.

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