The beginning of my Photography domain.

Researcher: Helmut Newton

Helmut was born in Berlin on the 31st of October in the year of 1920. He was a German-Australian photographer whose work mainly involved fashion; in which his photographs were quoted as being, ‘provocative and erotically charged black and white photographs. They were a mainstay of Vogue and other publications.

He went to school at The Heinrich-von-Treitschke-Realgymnasium and the American School in Berlin. He firstly became interested in the trade of photography from the young age of 12 after he got his first camera. He moved around a lot when he was younger even to Singapore, which was where he decided to remain as a reporter for the Straits Times and worked as a portrait photographer.

In 1946 Newton was in Australia, where he set up a studio in Fashionable Finders Lane. Which he worked on fashion and theatre photography in the affluent post-war years, in which he shared his first joint exhibition of, ‘New Visions in Photography’. This exhibition was held at the Federal Hotel in Collins Street, and was probably the first glimpse of ‘New Objectivity’ photography in Australia. From then on Newton had a growing reputation as a fashion photographer and was even secured a commission, to illustrate fashions in a special Australian supplement for Vogue magazine, which was published in January 1956. He then went on to win a twelve-month contract with British Vogue and he left for London in February 1957, leaving Talbot to manage the business in Australia.

He later settled in Paris by the 1960s and continued to work as a fashion photographer. Newton’s work has appeared in many mediums including; French Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and he even did shots for the magazine Playboy. He established that his particular was marked by; erotic, stylised scenes, often accompanied with sado-masochistic and fetishist subtexts.

Helmut Newton was killed in his car when it hit a wall in the driveway of the famous Chateau Marmont, this hotel is on Sunset Boulevard. Although it has also been speculated the Newton may have suffered a heart attack in the moments before the collision happened.

My Thoughts and Influence

When looking at Helmut’s work in particular I take most reference to his career more than anything. As he found his style and interest early on and worked on it and eventually worked his way up. I feel at this stage of my development, working towards the end of my degree and FMP I need to have some form of idea to what I want to get out of it. Through the likes of past projects including this one, I feel most of which fall under the same influence and style. This aspect I have expressed before and will again, in that I want this project to be a collaboration of obscure images. Along with the use of installations including a possible fog screen and projectors, to make it unordinary as show skills I will obtain in the development of my project I don’t want to just create a canvas on a wall, I want more depth than that. Experimenting with a variety of materials that distort the photographs I take for this project, to create a world in which each individual has no true knowledge of but still has their own opinion.

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