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Research: Photographer Corinne Day

In order to produce my FMP, I must conduct in a sufficient amount of research on a variety of photographers and techniques used, both past and present. This will give guidance to gain ideas and improve them. I will continuously be looking at photographers that I feel withhold relevance to my particular concept within my project, and that will add further depth and meaning to my final piece.

When researching and taking into account all these different photographers, I need to take note to what is within their photographs; the location/setting, whether they made use of props and/or models and the overall meaning and ora of the variety of photographs each and all of them take. All these elements are in need of consideration in order for myself to take my own photographs under the influence of the title I have chosen for my project: Death Will Become You.


Corinne Day Short Background

Corinne was born on February the 19th in the year of 1962, in West London. She was a British photographer; self-taught who had an influence on the style and perception in her photography in the early 1990s. Her work is said to have bought a more edgy look towards the likes of fashion, in which she also included biological elements.

She has done what’s said to be intimate portraits with the well-known model Kate Moss, who is one of many she has done work with and created a close relationship with her. Her approach to work in magazines became to be known as, ‘grunge’, and grew into an international lifestyle, that’s illustrated in both lifestyle and fashion magazines back in the 1990s. Corinne’s work seems to have had a documentary feel to it, including the photo-shoot she did with Kate Moss for British Vogue.

Throughout the 1990s Corinne spent most of her time taking photographs for her first book/diary, that showcased her personal view of her visual record of her life and friends. She continued to take photographs for fashion magazines, she also exhibited at; The National Portrait Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, Tate Modern Saatchi Gallery, The Science Museum and many more. Also including The Andy Warhol Exhibition at the Whitney Museum which is located in New York.

Sadly she passed away after a long illness that was believed to be brain cancer at the age of 45, on Friday the 27th of August in 2010.


My Thoughts and Influence

With the likes of Corinne Days work, researching her has gave me inspiration in many aspects. I found that when looking through some of her work, they all had differences in their own ways. This was enlightening within the planning stage of my project because I always aspire to take a variety of photographs that aren’t all the same but have different qualities to them, and each portray a different emotion. Corinne did a variety of different projects mostly with women in different surroundings and environments. When taking what I want to photograph into context in light of Corinne’s work, I want my imagery and each photograph to differ. With the likes of the; environment, props or costumes and the people I choose to photograph.

I also admire that when working with the variety of people Corinne worked with, she managed to create strong bonds and relationships with them. This is something I would like to carry with this project and future ones, as it builds networks and prospects for myself and my chosen profession.

Corinne’s style and work is still very relatable even today, when finding work she did for example in Vogue and other magazines. I can relate to her particular style as she works with models and clothes and she doesn’t always/she mostly shoots outside of a studio. This creates contrast in her photographs and adds depth, makes them unordinary. She goes against the norm, which I feel I compare to with some of the work I have done, putting two unordinary aspects together to create an even more interesting image. This is the perfect statement that I want my FMP to express.

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