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Research: Camera Filters

What are they?

With the use of camera filters you can alter the way the lighting enters your camera lens, and are also there for you ton be able to improve your images. They are basically transparent or translucent optical elements, that come in many different colours/shades that do different things to your photographs. They can affect; contrast, sharpness, highlight flare, colour and light intensity. All in various combinations, most of these properties can relate to both film and photography. Filters can be a major part of my production, because of the affects and improvements they can have on my final project imagery.

Factors of Filters

Many filter types absorb light that is considered for how much exposure you want. This is then expressed and recommended with either a ‘filter factor’ or ‘stop value’ so it’s able to be controlled. Multiple filters will add ‘stop values’ which would then double the exposure. An example of this would be; 3 filters = 1 stop each – this will need 3 additional stops or even a filter factor of 2x2x2=8 times for unfiltered exposure. There is also Filter Grades; filter types are available in a wide range of filter grades, in which they all have their different strengths and weaknesses. Generally with filter grades, the higher the number the stronger the effect you will get. You can use filters for both; black/white and colour photography.

Types of Filters and How I’d Possibly Use Them

Ultra-Violet Filters – This particular light makes your film as well as video often more sensitive, this is mostly outdoors. This filter can give my photographs a bluish colour cast and also cause a low-contrast haze that makes the minor details more detailed. especially with the use of black and white film. In using this filter with the likes to my project, being that it can be seen as a dark subject to cover could add depth to the images I take for the piece. With the combination of the bluish colour and low contrast haze the minor details in my photographs such as the subtle make up on my subjects and details you wouldn’t necessarily notice, could be captured more with the use of this filter.

Infra-Red Filters – With these filters, as of red there is also; orange and yellow. They enhance contrast and alter colour and reducen unwanted visible light. If used in my project they would give the advantage of getting rid of unwanted visible light, being that my images are planning on being dark, there is still the factor of light I will need to take into consideration along with the overall contrast of the photographs.

Polarising Filters – These allow you to get more colour, contrast and even reflection control. They do this by using optical principles that are different from the other types of filters. Also able to control unwanted reflections from the surfaces such as glass and water. With still in the planning stage of my project, I do know that I want to experiment with materials such as glass and water, so this filter if in use may be proven to be beneficial. Being that it’s used to control unwanted reflections, so if I was to use certain materials that create a reflection this would eliminate this from happening.

Sepia Filters – These sort of filters create an ‘old day’ look somewhat dated. They are often used for flashbacks or late period effects. The concept of death is the subject that runs throughout my piece, so this can be both present and past in reference. With the use of possibly using a sepia filter could give my images that late period look/dated. Although I feel this effect has been used a lot before, and is in my opinion the somewhat obvious approach into making your images look old. I’m sure throughout my on-going research, I will find new and more interesting ways in doing this.

With researching into filter types and the effects they can give your photographs, has given me more insight into how to make my project differ from any other. To make it unique and given me the drive to operate with the variety of ways there is to make my images different.

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