The beginning of my Photography domain.

Final Proposal Format Layout – What I Plan to Say

1. Title and Pitch

Death Will Become You – It’s a way of life, we all come to it. Does it just end, is that really it?

2. Pitch

Focusing towards the concept of death and the variety of opinions and beliefs as to what happens to your body or soul when it reaches you. My project will mainly carry the genre of Thriller; for the sheer fact of it’s mix of fear and excitement accompanied by a dark and somewhat serious theme. Along with the sub-genres of being both; Speculative, as I want my project to be comparable to a world that’s unlike the real one we know to live in. With a hint of ‘Slice of Life’, as it’s a story that momentarily has no plot, but can be seen to represent everyday life considering the subject of death. All told through the format of photography, but in a new and more imaginative way, not just a print on a wall. The duration of the piece is somewhat difficult to determine at this given stage, being that it’s an exhibition piece all dependant on the persons who wish to come and participate in the experience I want to create. It’s unique selling proposition in my opinion, is the experimentation with a variety of materials that distort the images I take. With the accompaniment of installations to give that overall essence of the unreal in the real world when the audience walks into my exhibition.

3. Rationale

The main issue/subject I want to have covered within my project is the concept of death and the question as to what happens when we are gone. Using research that I will acquire over the coming weeks during pre-production, of answers to the question as to what different cultures and people believe happens to them when they die, what happens to our bodies, is it believed that there is life after death? Reasons and the overall approach I intend to take by all means are that I would love my work to be ‘original’ but aspects of it have I know probably have been done before. I want to capture it in a way I feel represents the style of photographer I am and set an origin of style, and what my particular niche is. Hopefully bringing in an audience to the exhibition I hold, as all producers of whatever field they work in, want what they produce to be noticed whether liked or not.

4. Context

My project carries a somewhat broad and can be said to be vague question, that offers and tries to answer which as I’ve said previously is the ever wanting to know question of, ‘What happens to us when we eventually die?’ A delicate and can be said sensitive subject to many a person yes, and the way I plan to for-see it withholds perhaps little to no boundaries, looking towards both moral and ethical reasons. By the way in which I consider my project to correspond with the current media environment has been depicted by the on-going research I am for taking. One of my main influences and inspiration, when it comes to any given project I do, is that of Man Ray and his work with the ‘Avant-Garde’ way of photography. I always seem to embark on the workings of Man Ray, he seems to have an on-going influence in my work and adds substance to my chosen photography style. Mainly now by seeing that of the avant-garde style of photography. The notion I continue to possess in making my FMP different with the techniques I decide to use; one could even suggest or define my work as wanting to be under the influence of the avant-garde approach. As to the way it is described to push the boundaries of the usually known and acceptance of the public, also given to the topic of which I wish to cover, which is the concept of Death. This method of approach is still widely used today, within the world of fashion and under influence by many photographers such as Man Ray.


Because of the choice of subject I am focusing on for my FMP, I am planning on showcasing my work at various exhibitions inside and outside of University. Such as; The Lancaster, The Roots Gallery and The Herbert Art Gallery. I feel that this will be beneficial to me doing outside of Uni as it will enable me to broaden my horizons and distribute to a wider audience. I can also make new contacts for the future and for my job prospects, as this is something I am very passionate about and aspire to go into.

6. Budget + Skills Audit

With the concept of holding an exhibition for my FMP, there are many factors I’ve had to consider when it comes to the likes of a budget. With it being an individual project, the means of being able to afford to produce my piece falls down to the responsibility of myself alone.  At present date, I am still at the planning stages of production and have many ideas that I want to experiment with and now this is the budget I am working with:

Exhibition Space – Depending on generosity it can be anything between 0 to my personal limit 0f £100.

Fogscreen – This will be dependant on whether I decide to rent or buy this prop. Cost around £50 – £100

Equipment: Camera, Tripod, Lighting, Sound e.t.c – I am fortunate that all these aspects of my production are free to use as I will be using the amenities of the University Loan Shop.

Cost of Prints – With use of the Print Hub, the cost of these will be less than it would be at a print shop, without lacking in quality. Large prints = £50 max

Models – £100

Costume and Props – £25 Being that the models I’m photographing are dead and clothing isn’t a necessity.

Make-Up – Recently in contact with a lady called Charlie Oswin, who is a professional make up artist and we are still discussing price but realistically around £50.

Location – Undecided. In need of a studio, with preferably a black or white background. Estimated cost £75

I feel I am the right person to be making this particular project within relation to past projects I have for seen, with the

7. Plan/Schedule of Work

– By the end of January; I want a clear and complete set idea of my overall final project. The issue it is examining and the approach to which it is distributed to the intended audience. Making sure I myself am passionate about my own project and believe in its purpose.

– Early/first week of February; Really starting to look for exhibition space, being that I already have a few places in mind, so this will be following through on these ideas to where I wish to hold my exhibition of my work.

(rest to be added during filming)

8. Supporting Creative Artefact

(to be added during filming)

9. Conclusion

Still within the early stages of planning for my FMP, this project proposal with it sections to which it must contain have proven beneficial. This being because there are certain aspects within my project that still need developing, in order for it to have a clear and relevant message. As I am doing a photography based project incorporating the use of a number of installation techniques, my research and developing stage is critical towards my final piece. With this stage of the production being as thorough as possible, will give my work depth and the research of a variety of photographs will give inspiration and influence my work. I want to create something completely obscure and unordinary, the feeling of making people somewhat uncomfortable excites me as I want my project to be remembered. Something that will make people, my audience, question why I have chosen the particular subject I wish to cover and portray. A subject known but avoided by many.

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