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Possible Exhibition Space for FMP

With choosing to embark on a photography based project for my FMP, in came to light during the early stages of development whether I should think about holding my own exhibition of my final work. This being a possibility made me look into certain places in Coventry, where I could hold my own exhibition and the prices I would be looking at.

1) The Herbert Art Gallery – 02476832386

2) Greyfriars House – 02476631695

3) Stratford Graphics – 02476228373

4) Coventry Cathedral – 02476521253

5) Artspace – ?

I have noted down all these places as they were the first I came across when searching. As I will say in my FMP proposal video, over the coming weeks I will be tracing these places, perhaps even more if found, and finding out whether it would be possible to hold my exhibition there. With attention to; the space, requirements such as; electricity, the cost and also to whether its viable for me to get the publics notice and if its accessible.

Over the next month or so this process will be taking place, to which I will be keeping the progress and updating this very blog post with.

Stay tuned!

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This entry was posted on January 9, 2014 by in Final Media Productions.
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