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Research: Moholy – Nagy and more

Short Background

Born with the name Laszlo Weisz, he later changed his name to Nagy then further on added Moholy after the town he grew up in, Mohol. In the year of 1918,he attended a private art school, to which held an exhibition of his work at Szeged. Moving on to the year of 1923, he replaced a woman called Johanne as the instructor of a foundation course of the Bauhaus. He moved its learning forward from its original aims as a school  of design, and it then became known for its versatility of its artists.

Moholy – Nagy, was indeed no exception; throughout his career he was included in many different fields of photography. These included; typography, sculptures, painting, print-making and industrial design, with his main focus being that of photography. He came up with the term, ‘New Vision’, as he believed photography could potentially create a whole new way of seeing the outside world. To which he came up with the idea of, photograms, by the exposure of light sensitive paper with an object overlaying.

My reasons for researching Moholy Nagy further from being firstly introduced to his work during my A-Level photography course, were being through his work with photograms.

A photogram is a print that you produce without the use of a camera. This effect is produced by taking and placing an object/objects onto a piece of light sensitive paper in a darkroom. You then use the enlarger to cast a light onto the paper and capture the silhouette of the object you have used.


Influence and Relation

This technique is one that interested me in the beginning of my thoughts towards my FMP, as is was a different technique that I could use in the likes of photography. One of the main key factors that will appear in my on-going research towards my final project will be said techniques, as one aim of mine is to find an interesting and obscure way in showcasing my final piece, whether it be using one or even a combination of techniques I discover or use through my process of development. I want to experiment with as many different materials as I can, ones that will distort the imagery I take for my project, as the will add more effect to the genre and feel of the entire project itself along with other elements I will decide to contribute on the way. Photograms are a dated technique per say, but are there ways in which I can bring them up to date and current within my own project, ways that will engage my audience? From the early stages I knew that my choice of FMP would be photography based, and I wanted to find and research ways in which I could make it unique to my style as possible. By embarking on these techniques, such as photograms, will allow me as the producer to depict what direction I see my project going. Such a simplistic technique, that with today’s technology could be made even more potentially unique and interesting.


Short Back…continued…

Back to Moholy – Nagy, he left Bauhaus in 1928 to work in film and stage design in Berlin. After that he embarked on many different jobs including in London. Looking at a variety of design jobs, working at Denham Studios creating kinetic sculptures and abstract light affects. He also went to the U.S, where he eventually died in Chicago in 1946. He now has a University named in his honour in Budapest and his work on display in Washington D.C. Lastly in the Autumn of 2003 the Moholy-Nagy foundation Inc. was established for his life and work.


Further Techniques from this Research

Kinetic Sculptures and Abstract Lighting Affects – Will be examined and researched in future post.

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