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Research: Man Ray and Avant-Garde Photography

Short Background

Man Rays birth name was Emmanuel Radnitzky, and he was born August 27th in the year of 1890 in South Philadelphia. He was an American artist who spent most of his time in Paris/France throughout the core of his career. He was best known in the world of art for his avant-garde photography. He produced major works in a variety of media, but considered himself a painter above all the rest.

Although thinking that Man Ray is mostly looked upon as a painter, its his work with ‘avant-garde photography’ that I mostly overlooked when researching him.

The avant-garde pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the cultural realm.’ It is seen and defined as being the lines of the innovation and said application of new/bold concepts and techniques. It’s seen as art that’s purpose is to push the boundaries of what we as the public know and accept, something that has presumably never been done before, radical and more so overly modern.

This movement although used in history through the Dada movement and the Situationists, it is still very much used in today’s society. For example through the likes of fashion and the way fashion photographers choose to capture their images –

Influence and Thoughts

Throughout many of my projects and what subjects I decide to cover, I always seem to embark on the workings of Man Ray, he seems to have an on-going influence in my work and adds substance to my chosen photography style. Mainly now by seeing that of the avant-garde style of photography. I feel this contributes to many of my projects and has influence, being that with past photography projects and in general the way I like to take photographs, its definition can describe well the way in which I want my photographs to be seen.

Referring back to the notion I continue to possess in making my FMP different with the techniques I decide to use; one could even suggest or define my work as wanting to be under the influence of the avant-garde approach. As to the way it is described to push the boundaries of the usually known and acceptance of the public, also given to the topic of which I wish to cover, which is the concept of Death.

Short Back…Continued…

Ray was also a famous as a fashion and portrait photographer and like Moholy-Nagy he is noted for photograms which he renamed, ‘rayograms’, after himself. In the year of 1915 he had his first solo showing of paintings and started to involve himself with the radical art movement that is ‘Dada’, briefly spoken of above. Furthermore this involved developing unique mechanical and photographic methods of making images. Then in 1920, he helped make a machine that was one of the early examples of kinetic art; a technique that I have said previously I will be looking at along with abstract lighting effects.

Man Ray has made his mark in the eyes of photography, he’s an artist and he has also helped direct many short films. He embarked in many different aspects during his life and died in Paris on November 8th 1976 of a lung infection.

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