The beginning of my Photography domain.

Research: On Photographer Gregory Crewdson

George Crewdson was born in the month of September the 26th in 1962, in the Park Slope neighbourhood of Brooklyn in New York. He is known best for his; elaborated, staged, surreal scenes of American homes and neighbourhoods. He has continued to live and work here for most of his life.

He attended John Dewey High School and graduated early. As a teenager he was part of a punk rock group, that in all sold out numerous shows all over town and they were called, ‘The Speedies’. They had a hit song called, ‘Let me take your photo’, which has a little irony to it as this would Georges chosen career in his later life. He then started studying photography at SUNY Purchase in the mid 1980s, he then received his Master of Fine Arts for Yale University and has been on its faculty since 1993.

His decision to become a photographer came from an early experience, where he went to see Diane Arbus exhibition with his Father. Crewdson’s work has a combination of both a documentary style with a dream like a vision. His methods consist of his photographs being equally filmic, that build on elaborate sets that have extraordinary detail and narrative.


My Thoughts and Influence

George Crewdson’s work out of all the photographers I am currently researching made me question them the most, as they are so obscure and unusual. The fact they are staged and so detailed makes me wonder what a screwed up mind and imagination he has, and that he doesn’t care what people think, somewhat like my attitude to my chosen photography projects. I’d personally like a negative reaction than no reaction at all, at least the audience the bears witness to my work will notice it and talk about it.

Crewdson’s work reminds me of some sort of  odd 1950s era of film, because of the way the colours are, they are neither bright nor dark they are somewhere in between. This gives them that edgy look and can be said avant garde approach that I have also been considering influence from.

I want to be able to capture this essence in my photographs for my FMP, I want the audience to observe my photography and question why I chose to take them, which is how I feel when I look at Crewdson’s work.

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