The beginning of my Photography domain.

Techniques I have learnt whilst producing my artefacts;

With this being my final year, it requires me to produce my best and most captivating/inspirational work. In order for me to overcome this I felt I needed to improve on my techniques and also take into consideration my chosen photographers style; with the development of my techniques.

– Use of photoshop; In light with my FMP, I wanted to use these artefacts to improve both my technique and ability with photography. This in tow required me to use more of the software photoshop, from first year I feel I have improved a lot in the software. There are still elements and certain tools I am yet to use, but the ones I have been using have been beneficial to my work. For instance I enjoy fashion photography and working with models, so therefore to live up to the so called images we see in magazines today, I have learnt how to be rid of blemishes and other aspects.

– Development on Final Cut Pro; This has been an ongoing process since first year, and I still consider myself an amateur at editing, but I feel I am able to produce a standard piece that looks aesthetically appealing. This I feel has been an advantage when it comes to my artefacts, as they are a big improvement from my first work.

– Lighting; Again with the development of my photography, I need to take into consideration the concept of lighting. This took example in my Power Artefact as I experimented with a different way in taking my photographs for the piece. I firstly took a photo of a burning candle flame and then applied this to the future photos I took. This gave them a warm lighting and sepia tone, which added to the message behind the artefact.

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