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Spectacle Meaning and Evaluation

With this particular artefact we had certain obstructions, one being that it must have an influence from one given theorist.

Upon reading about theorist ‘Baudrillard’, to which I came across a paragraph that inspired my artefact on spectacle. It just happened to be in my favour that it was that time of year to which I could forsee this singular idea I had, ‘Bonfire Night’. I wanted to create a piece reflected around fireworks and the meaning behind the night.

As I mentioned in my research and development that I looked at Bonfire Night, which in itself can be seen as a spectacle.

Although when I looked further into my findings and compared it to how the night is celebrated in the present, I feel it has slightly moved away from its true meaning. It seems its main focus now is that of the fireworks and the ‘show’ the majority of people put on and mainly that its all money orientated.

I display this in my artefact, in that my main focus is within the fireworks, the spectacle they portray and on the other hand the spectators who watch them merely just to watch the explosions, in reference to the Baudrillard quote that sparked my idea.

‘There is certainly a chain reaction somewhere, and we will perhaps die of it, but this chain reaction is never that of the nuclear, it is that of simulacra and of the simulation where all the energy of the real is effectively swallowed, no longer in a spectacular nuclear explosion, but in a secret and continuous implosion, and that today perhaps takes a more deathly turn than that of all the explosions that rock us.’

The way I read this in my own interpretation was to what I feel the meaning behind my artefact portrays.

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This entry was posted on November 27, 2013 by in Research and Development.
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