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FOR ASSESSMENT 360mc: Evaluation/Reflection on Memory Artefact

The meaning of this particular artifact that the main focus was on, was the specific way in which the majority of us seem to associate certain memories with the use of smell.


This method of approach was conducted whilst I was at my research and development stage, when I was trying to conjure up ways in which people hold their most treasured memories. After much thought and deliberation and searching numerous websites for that inspiration I needed, I came across the website that included the quote, ‘A smell can bring on a flood of memories, influence peoples mood and even affect their work performance’. This is what stemmed off the inspiration of incorporating certain smells to memory. As this article expresses that they can trigger our brain into remembering a certain time in our lives.


I then for took the task in asking people this question, and the outcome of this drew up a number of comparisons in their answers. All of which had both similarities and differences, which is clear to see in the finalized artefact.


The main similarity found in this observation with the collaboration of answers given, were smells that reminisced a memory from the persons childhood, even my own response.

‘We make the most of our olfactory memories as children’.

This outcome could be translated in that all the people asked are still at the age range of around their 20’s, and still considered young. So in effect memories thought from their childhood are easier to come by, maybe the outcome would have been different if an older range of participants were asked?


On the other hand the most common response was that of perfume and aftershave, as it reminded them of a loved one or partner.


I decided to film this task by a collaboration of short interview pieces, together with past personal photographs of the participants. Those that had some form of relation to the memory they were talking about. This was manageable for most of them, and with the use of these personal photographs incorporated into the piece, assisted with the natural flow and made the artefact relatable to the audience.


I also wanted to use the likes of photographs in this piece, as I’ve said previously my main interest is in photography. I feel I can illustrate a meaning or narrative behind my work more effectively with the use of them.


Nevertheless I am genuinely proud and content with the end result of my memory artefact, although there are a few aspects I would have carried out differently if I was to carry it out again.

Firstly I’ll comment on elements I thought were done well. I believe one positive aspect is on in which I touched upon lightly earlier, which was the flow and structure of the piece. As the audience you gather a pleasant response and the smells from memory are relatable and it is an overall relatable subject. Also I am thankful to that of the cooperation from the participants in the artefact; as I had a variety of material to work with which made it versatile, even though the subject I was focusing on could be seen as being broad. In letting me use the photographs of theirs gives it that overall intimate feel, as the memories talked about are somewhat personal. Some can even be seen as private as they are cherished memories of their childhood.


When referring to the negatives of this artefact a few can be surfaced. I’ve commented before on my general filming abilities, as I mainly see myself as a photographer, I prefer showcasing my work in that way. I benefit more from the use of still imagery, as I have the capability to express what I want to say within a range of photographs rather than a short film. Reason being is that I’m more technically literate in a sense, whereas with filming I lack in the production of editing, which can dampen my work.


If I was to redo this particular artefact, I would more than likely do it with the use of just photographs to showcase the memories being told in the piece. On account of the negatives being that of, sound and lighting. In relation to sound, some of the places I shot in had a lot of background noise; this being an obstacle I don’t usually come across, as there is no sound in basic still photography. Therefore I wouldn’t need the use of diegetic sound, as I’d add sound later if I were to exhibit my photos with either relevant music or a backing track of some sort.


Moving on to the subject of lighting, when I usually plan a photo shoot I know and plan this aspect. Seeing as this was to capture the participant’s answers to the question I was asking for my artefact, I regrettably didn’t take this into much consideration, as most of the filming was unplanned. I feel that if these elements were improved on I’d have a much stronger artefact.


Overall I have the sense in that the message behind my artefact is clear and easy to interpret by the audience. With having that personal aspect, along with the collaboration of both still and moving images makes it a generally charming and thought-provoking artefact. It caters to a wide audience being that it’s both related to and reminiscing. As I’m sure each and every one of us have a particular smell in which we can associate with a memory.

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