The beginning of my Photography domain.

FOR ASSESSMENT 360mc: Conclusion

When overlooking all three of the artefacts I have produced, there are aspects that I can examine and stress on their overall general purpose. To conclude on one aspect in reference to all the artefacts, it would have to be in regards to the meaning behind them all and that each one portrays a different message.


When looking at the overall message I wanted to give in likes of my power artefact was clear in that each photograph I shot and used was that of a woman’s. The collaboration of all the photos in the sequence in the poses they’re in, reflect upon the research I for took on the variety of representations women have within the media industry. Together they give the sense of the opposite stereotype and show the woman as strong and powerful.


On the other hand when taking into consideration my spectacle artefact, there is also another clear meaning I wanted to convey to the audience when watching the sequence of visuals. I wanted the majority of shots to be of the fireworks, in reference to the Baudrillard quote I used to inspire me that touched upon explosions. In present time we as the spectator are most focused on the visuals rather than the true meaning behind them, as Bonfire Night has a history but this is now distorted by money and the novelty of the night, so this was the main focus I wanted to show within this piece.


Lastly when referring to my memory artefact again I wanted a precise meaning to be expressed throughout the piece. Once more a specific subject was alight, and together with a suitable backing track along with the use of personal artefacts given by the participants give it that overall personal and relatable feel. This in tow makes the piece engaging, and enables the audience to approach the subject, as they will have similar responses.


Overall I feel all my artefacts as a whole all have a way in which they are engaging and relatable to the audience, as they in one way or another with the meaning behind them can be thought of differently by each individual.

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