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Memory: Research and Development

As I have said previously Memory is another broad concept, in tow with the other two artefacts so I also found it difficult to come up with an idea that I could produce.

So, I commenced my thought process by simply searching aspects that withhold association with the word Memory, and this is how my research and thoughts progressed…

mind map memory

After much deliberation and searching numerous websites for that inspiration I needed, I came across this website that included the quote;

‘A smell can bring on a flood of memories, influence peoples mood and even affect their work performance.’

This gave me the inspiration for the idea of incorporating certain smells to memory. As the article I read expressed that they can trigger our brain into remembering a certain time in our life.

So, with this in mind I began talking to a variety of people and asking what smell for them withholds a certain memory;

Myself – Playdoh, as this reminds me of my childhood and nursery.

Reece – L&B cigarettes and battenburg cake, as these remind him of his Grandad and memories he spent with him.

David – D&g No.3 aftershave, reminds him of the times himself and his boyfriend spent together.

Charley – Fresh Cut Grass, reminds her of being in her grandparents garden as a child.

Dane – Petrol, because it reminds him of being a child sat in the car whilst his parents filled up the car.

Loz – Calvin Klein aftershave, this reminds her of her time spent in China as she forgot to bring perfume and had to use her boyfriends instead.

Emily – A certain spice, as this reminds her of her family.

Joe – The smell of cigarettes, this reminds him of going to football games with his Dad when he was younger and sat in the pub after the game.

To execute this I will film each persons response to the question being asked and create a short piece, a collaboration filled with all their examples of smells that recurs a memory for them. I want to try and make this particular artefact a personal one, so that it can connect to a wide range audience as it’s a topic most of us can relate to.

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This entry was posted on November 25, 2013 by in Research and Development.
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