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Memory Meaning and Evaluation

The overall meaning of this artefact that I wanted to focus on, was a specific way in which we associate certain memories with the use of smell. I for took this task by asking this question to a number of people I know, and the outcome in comparison to each of their answers there were both differences and similarities.

The main similarity I found with their answers was that most of the smells that reminisced a memory came from their childhood, even my own.

‘We make the most of our olfactory memories as children.’

Although the most common smell was that of perfume and aftershave, that reminded the person of a loved one or partner.

With the likes of how I wanted to film this task, it came together after I finished my research. As I have just said most of the memories were rekindled from childhood experiences or from the past.

So, together with my short interview styled filming of my participants, I wanted to incorporate a past photograph of theirs, that had relation to the memory they were talking about.

I managed to do this for most of my subjects, and with the use of the photographs within my piece it helps with the natural flow and gives it that personal feel.

I also wanted to use the photographs, as I’ve said previously my interest is in photography and I feel I can illustrate the meanings and narratives behind my work more effectively with the use of them.

Although I am genuinely proud and content with the outcome of this artefact, there are a few aspects I would have carried out differently if I was to do it again. I’ve commented before on my filming abilities, as I don’t see it being as strong as my photography, I prefer showcasing my work that way. If I was to for take this artefact again I would try and do it with mainly the use of photographs to showcase the memories being told in the piece. This being because the negatives from this artefact would be the sound and in some cases the lighting. The problem with sound being that some of the places I shot in had a lot of background noise; this being an obstacle I don’t usually come by as I produce still imagery. So I wouldn’t need the use of diagetic sound, as I add sound later with relevant music or a backing track.

On the subject of lighting, when I usually plan a photo shoot I know and plan this aspect. Seeing as this was to capture the participants answers to the question I was asking for my artefact, I regrettably didn’t take this into much consideration as most of the filming was unplanned. I feel that if these elements were improved on I’d have a much stronger artefact.

However saying that I do believe there is the positive aspect of that the sequence flows and it’s pieced together quite pleasantly, and this is mainly down to the material I had. Thankfully I was also fortunate to the cooperation I received from the subjects, in letting me use personal photographs of theirs to give it that overall personal feel.

Having the piece with that personal aspect, I feel makes it a generally charming artefact, that caters to a wide audience being that it’s can both be related to and reminisced. As I’m sure we all have a particular smell we associate with a memory.

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